Laser Tag at Home with Steradian Laser Tag

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Laser Tag Disclosure

Our family has always been a fan of competition and team building.  From the time my husband and I first met each other, we’ve always been a bit more than slightly competitive.  From church camp sports teams as kids to paintball as teens and now tabletop board games as a family, we love to compete and challenge each other.  Our boys have definitely followed in our footsteps as they have entered the world of sports, and have taken full advantage of our big yard this summer to try out different games. Recently, we were able to invite other families and friends over for an evening of family-style competition held right in our own yard- laser tag night!


Now, my husband and I have played laser tag a few times before.  When I was a kid, my family had a small 4-player laser tag set where we all had guns, chest and back pieces, and a battery life of about 30 minutes.  We loved to get games in right after the sun went down before bed on summer nights.  Just a few years ago, we took a youth group to a local laser tag arena, which while lots of fun, it was pretty limited with high prices, dark playing arenas, and short games. The older teens loved it, but it definitely wouldn’t have been appropriate for my boys. So when I heard all about a laser tag company that rents equipment we could use at home with our whole family, my interest was definitely piqued.

Steradian Laser Tag, a company based out of local-to-me Lafayette, Indiana, specializes in creating laser tag equipment for everyone.  For 13 years now, they have been creating professional quality laser tag equipment available for commercial purchase with the newest and most innovative technology available.  However, they have recently shifted some focus to offer direct, short-term rental to families just like us.

BennettCameronShipped directly to your home, Steradian Laser Tag equipment is simple, yet commercial-quality laser tag fun that is easy to play and a breeze to set up.  One week rental packages range from simple 4-player sets to packages of up to 16 players, complete with bases, targets, and a computer to run the games.  Each player is only required to wear a simple adjustable sunband sensor with attached gun to play- no vests, back pieces, or strappy velcro setup required.  Plus, with Steradian’s superior technology, their guns are not only long-range and lightweight, but they also work in broad daylight.  With no tricky gear to wear and no light restrictions, our whole family could play together all day long, even our younger boys!

ParentKidsWe had multiple friends and family over ranging from ages 3 to 53, and everyone absolutely loved playing!  We set up some of Steradian’s Reflex Barriers to give our open yard some objects to hide behind, but with the great range on guns, our game spread all the way around our house, play equipment, and even around cars in the driveway.  And there is definitely no cheating with Steradian… there’s no sensors to cover and you don’t necessarily have to hit a direct spot to tag your opponent.  They even have special restrictions set up that prevent you from accidentally targeting yourself.  Each gun comes equipped with a counter on the side letting you know how many bullets/lives remain, and a speaker so you can hear the game counting down, as well as any audio clues during specific games.  Each sunband sensor also has two lights to indicate if a player is still engaged in play.  As an added safety feature, Steradian’s guns are specifically engineered for family fun in a non-threatening style.

SunbandWe played everything from simple teams to Zombies vs Humans, even free-for-all.  The younger players took a few games with some adult direction to understand how it worked, but the lightweight Eclipse guns were easy for them to handle.  The older adults took turns using the upgraded S-7Xs and I’m pretty sure my brother-in-law was channeling some inner sniper skills!

NatePosedJeremiahAfter the smaller kids were wiped out, the adult-only games started… and got very serious! Nothing was off limits, and some very intense battles happened in the driveway (in, under, OVER some cars).  They might have set off a car alarm.  Or two.  Oh, and did I mention the scoring?  With the supplied computer available with some rental packages, you can view real-time scoring and stats with each game.  It not only gives total scores for each team, but each player’s score, as well as a log of who tagged who.  It definitely seemed like the player log held the key to all bragging rights.

Steradian Laser Tag has so many awesome possibilities and reasons to rent a package.  It is the perfect game for youth groups, birthday parties, after prom parties, holiday get-togethers, corporate events, or even bachelor parties.  Or like us, a great reason to rent a package is just to spend some time together.  Steradian rents locally as well as across the US, with a simple shipping method and easy, pre-printed return labels.  And with one week rental periods, you can really get your money’s worth.  Plus, just for our readers, Steradian Laser Tag is offering 15% off your rental during the month of August with the code Sunny15.  Check them out today and have an awesome laser tag party at your next event!


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  1. Julie Wood says:

    This looks like a lot of fun for kids and adults. I loved tag when I was a kid and I am sure that my kids and I would love to play this game.

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