#GearingParentsUp for Back to School with Office Depot® OfficeMax®

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The overwhelming feeling of responsibility I felt when my first daughter was placed in my arms after her birth was a tad terrifying.  This cuddly little screaming bundle of joy that we were already so in love with would depend on us for everything.  And we didn’t have a clue what we were doing.  I remember coming home from the hospital, setting the infant carrier on the floor in the living room, and then thinking “now what?”  Fast forward eight years and I now have a third grader along with her three younger siblings.  That overwhelming feeling of responsibility?  It’s still there and if anything it’s even more terrifying now.  I constantly struggle with wondering if I am doing this parenting thing right.  Am I giving my girls everything they need to succeed in life?  Am I giving them each the attention they deserve?  Am I allowing them to participate in enough extracurricular activities?  Do they know they can come to me with absolutely anything?  Do they know how much they are loved?  I could go on and on.


Those thoughts and feelings only seem to intensify as I send my girls off to school each year.  And I know I am not alone.  Parents all over the world have these feelings and wonder if they are doing everything they can to raise kind, respectful, driven children who will become successful adults.  This video created by Office Depot® OfficeMax® really resonated with me

And I wondered how my girls would respond if asked some of the same questions.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t tear up when listening to their answers.  It really hit home that even when I feel like I am failing at this whole parenting thing that my girls still think I am the best mom they could ever ask for.  It melted my heart to hear how much they appreciate everything their dad and I do for them.  Instead of constantly wondering if they are working to the best of their ability at school or if they are being kind to all of the students in their class I now have more confidence that I have instilled these values in them.  That my girls are going to rock this school year and it all started the day we brought that blue-eyed baby girl home from the hospital.


Be confident moms and dads.  We are all doing this parenting thing to the best of our abilities and our children are appreciative even if they don’t say it out loud to you as often as you may like to hear it.  We’ve given them the skills they need to succeed at school and at Office Depot® OfficeMax® you can get all the supplies they will need to succeed as well.


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27 Responses to #GearingParentsUp for Back to School with Office Depot® OfficeMax®

  1. Sarah Mayer says:

    There is always room for improvement.

  2. Birdiebee says:

    I have struggled with parenting from time to time as I think others have as well. I have always tried to do my best but have learned that each child is so different that parenting with each child has to be individualized at times.

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