Yoplait Go Big for Tween Sized Appetites

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When I say we live a busy lifestyle I truly mean it.  At the moment I am writing a blog post while simultaneously watching my tween kill it at soccer practice.  We spend four evenings a week at practices and one morning at games.  Soon Alleigh will also be starting swimming lessons and giving basketball a try for the first time.  Each day when I pick my tween up from school we head home, complete homework, and then head out to extracurricular activities.  I had been struggling to find a healthy snack that she enjoys and will also fill her up to give her the fuel she needs to conquer such a demanding schedule.  Then while grocery shopping at Giant Eagle this past week I stumbled across a new product in the yogurt section – Yoplait Go Big!


Go Big is just that – BIG!  It is a new, large yogurt pouch designed specifically with tween sized appetites in mind.  It contains real fruit with just the right amount of sweetness to please Alleigh.  And as a mom I love that there are no artificial colors or high fructose corn syrup.  It is also a good source of calcium and is gluten free.  Plus it is available in four yummy flavors – strawberry, mixed berry, peach mango, and cherry.  It’s even fun to open.  Simply grip and rip!


Go Big is fueling Alleigh up through all of her extracurricular activities so she can keep being amazing.  Speaking of amazing, Go Big knows and believes that tweens are amazing and so they are encouraging parents to write a letter to their tween to let them know just what makes them amazing and how they inspire you.  I absolutely loved this idea and although I try to tell Alleigh how proud I am of her sometimes I feel she just doesn’t seem to realize just how truly amazing she really is.  I thought it would be fun to record myself reading this letter to Alleigh to capture her genuine reaction.  I was certain that I wouldn’t make it through my letter without crying.  And well… I guess you should just click play to see what happened!

Do you have an amazing tween with a big appetite?  Be sure to pick up some Go Big pouches the next time you’re at the grocery store to keep them fueled up.  Then head over to the Yoplait Go Big Facebook page and share what makes your tween amazing.