BOO a Special Dog this Halloween

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This #BOOItForward & #PawfectBOO shop has been compensated by #CollectiveBias Inc. and its advertiser, Mars, Incorporated. All opinions are mine alone.

I love surprises, but I love surprising others even more.  A super fun way to surprise friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, or even a stranger during October is to BOO them.  Now I don’t mean sneak up behind them, shout boo, and scare them silly!  When you BOO someone you deliver a fun bundle of Halloween treats to brighten their day and let them know how special they are to you.  BOOing is a wonderful way to pay it forward and the ultimate goal is to keep the chain of good deeds going.  But you don’t have to limit BOOing to people – pets deserve special surprises too!  And so I enlisted the help of my gorgeous pup, T-Rex, to BOO my fur-niece, Ryleigh.



Purchase Yummy Treats at Walmart. My first stop was to head to Walmart to pick up some yummy dog treats to include in our BOO basket.  I grabbed a bag of PEDIGREE® MARROBONE™ Real Beef Flavor Treats, PEDIGREE® DENTASTIX™ Fresh Treats, and a couple CESAR® SAVORY DELIGHTS® Rotisserie Chicken Flavor with Bacon and Cheese.  I also made a stop by the cards and gift bag aisle for some American Greetings® tissue paper and a card multi-pack.


Get Creative with the Container.  Next I wanted a creative way to hold all of these yummy treats that my sister would also get some use out of as well.  I decided to turn an ordinary wooden crate into a primitive pumpkin.  I did this by brushing a light coat of acrylic paint onto the outside rails of the crate.  The pumpkin vine is made by using floral ribbon which has wire running through it and looping it through the handles of the crate.


Add in a Homemade Dog Toy.  In addition to making this super cute primitive pumpkin crate to hold all of the treats I wanted to make Ryleigh a homemade dog toy too.  I used three different solid colored t-shirts and some dried sweet potatoes to make a Halloween colored chew toy that also doubles as a perfect tug of war toy when Ryleigh and T-Rex get together.  Check out the short video I put together to learn just how easy it is to make dog toys from t-shirts.


Pack the Crate.  I began by filling the bottom and sides of the crate with American Greetings® tissue paper so that nothing would slide between the wooden rails.  After applying some stickers to a clear glass jar I had the perfect container to hold the PEDIGREE® MARROBONE™ Real Beef Flavor Treats.


I carefully arranged all of the  treats and homemade toys inside the crate and added in an adorable American Greetings® card that came in a multi-pack of 6 making each individual card less than $1 each.  T-Rex sure puts up with a lot from me and so I wasn’t the least bit surprised when he helped to sign the card without putting up a fuss.  I especially loved that the dog on the card has the same color fur as Rex, hehe.


The finishing touch on our crate was to add the BOO card which you can print for free.  This adorable Ghost Busters inspired card explains that the recipient has been BOO’d and encourages them to do the same… or to get help from their human to do the same, hehe.


Secretly Deliver It!  The last step in creating a BOO basket is to deliver it without being noticed.  You can leave it on a front porch, on a co-workers desk, perhaps by your favorite pooches doggy door.  T-Rex didn’t quite understand that we needed to be quiet though and Ryleigh heard us on the front porch.  Once she saw us there was no getting away without letting these fur-cousins play and so we got to experience Ryleigh exploring her BOO crate.


While we were there Ryleigh enjoyed some PEDIGREE® MARROBONE™ Real Beef Flavor Treats and even shared some with T-Rex.  These two buddies also had a blast playing tug-of-war with Ryleigh’s new handmade t-shirt dog toys.  Pretty sure I will have to be making some for Rexy soon too.


Are you ready to BOO a special dog and their owner this month?  Be sure to head to Walmart because they are definitely the perfect one stop shop for putting together a creative BOOing kit this Halloween.  You can even shop where they have made it super simple to put together a pet BOO kit!


This #BOOItForward & #PawfectBOOshop has been compensated by #CollectiveBias Inc. and its advertiser, Mars, Incorporated. All opinions are mine alone.

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8 Responses to BOO a Special Dog this Halloween

  1. Well it definitely looks like they were excited about their surprise! Love the tshirt toy…that would be a big hit in my house!

  2. susan says:

    I love this idea it is so great! There are so many in my neighborhood that walk their dogs in costume, this would be a great treat for them.

  3. Jennifer says:

    This is such a cute idea! My dog loves Dentastix! They are such great treats.

    On a side note: How do you get your dog to sit so still? All the pictures I have of my dog are blurry because she’s such a spaz and never slows down. There’s no way my dog could be that calm sitting next to Dentastix!

  4. Amy Desrosiers says:

    I think this is such a cute doggie Halloween treat! All kids & fur babies deserve a trick or treat on halloween!

  5. Alicia says:

    Such a cute idea! I love how you made the crate look like a pumpkin 🙂

  6. Dawn Lopez says:

    What a fun idea! It was so nice of Ryleigh to share her Marrobone Treats with T-Rex. Every dog needs some Halloween yum yums to enjoy.

  7. Crystal says:

    What a fun idea. We have a lot of pet owners in the neighborhood, so this would be a fun way to treat our furry friends.

  8. Love how creative this is! The crate is very cool and how fun to make a dog toy out of a tshirt.

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