Super Simple Juice Box Mummies

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Alleigh and Kaelyn’s Halloween parties are this week at school and I have volunteered to do a few things for each of their classes.  And why not share those creative things here on the blog?  For Alleigh’s party one of the things I volunteered to do was bring juice boxes.  But who just brings plain old juice boxes?  Not this mama.  And don’t start thinking “oh you are just being an over achiever.”  This was literally the simplest crafty project I could ever do and yet it adds a super cute element to their party that I know the kids will love.  I love all the little extra touches at events I attend, so why not do something special for the kids at their parties too?  And without further ado…. Juice Box Mummies!


The supply list is super short.  You will need juice boxes – any flavor or brand will work.  Masking Tape.  And wiggle eyes.


The key to this project is making things as simple as possible.  Spend the few extra cents and get the wiggle eyes that come with adhesive backing.  This way you don’t have to deal with messy glue.


And now for the steps… this truly couldn’t get any easier.


And that’s it!  Give to the kiddos and let them enjoy.


So simple you could whip out enough for your child’s class while kicked back on the couch watching a television show.  That’s what I’ll be doing because I have 26 of these adorable juice box mummies to make.

trash-bag-ghost img_5013_thumb



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  1. shelly peterson says:

    What fun and cute ideas are these. My grandsons would love the juice boxes.

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