Take the Mouthguard Challenge – Laughter Guaranteed!

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We absolutely love family game night and have quite the selection of board and card games, but I am still always on the look out for new games to spice things up.  This is always the time of year I’m looking for a new game geared towards adults because on New Years Eve we have a large family gathering where we play games until the ball drops.  This year I have found the game that is bound to have everyone in fits of laughter – Mouthguard Challenge.


I’m sure everyone has seen the viral YouTube videos of people putting cheek extractors in their mouths and talking while their friends attempt to figure out what they are saying.  Alex Mandel, son of comedian Howie Mandel, along with Roman Atwood uploaded one of the very first “Mouthguard Challenge” videos on YouTube.  Instead of just talking they were attempting to eat various foods, drink water, and even blow up balloons.  Their video has been viewed over 3,840,000 times and if you haven’t watched it yet you’ve got to take a few minutes and watch now.

After millions of views and tons of people attempting the challenges in their own homes Alex Mandel realized that the Mouthguard Challenge would make an awesome party game.  He worked together with Identity Games to create a boxed version of the Mouthguard Challenge so everyone can participate.  I was excited to give it a try.

Upon opening the box we discovered a rules sheet, five dishwasher safe mouthguards, and a set of task cards.  The color around the outside edge of the card signifies which challenge the player will attempt to complete.  When playing start with the youngest player first.  He/she will put in a mouthguard, pick a card up from the top of the stack, read it and attempt to complete the challenge.  If the player is successful they score the amount of points indicated on the card.  After four rounds the player with the most points wins.


Some of the challenges seem relatively simple.  For example whispering or reading an expression aloud for the rest of the players to decipher.  Dustin was attempting to whisper the sentence “Brazil is the land of sunshine and bikinis” and only one other player was able to tell what he was trying to say.  On another turn my sister’s boyfriend was attempting to say the word Porsche, but everyone thought he was saying horse.


Things get a little more challenging when food or water is involved.  It’s definitely a good idea to either wear a bib or spread a towel on the table because things are bound to get messy.  That water my sister is attempting to swallow definitely did not go down her throat, hehe.


And things get hilarious when players compete against each other to complete a task.  My husband and my sister’s boyfriend were much better at keeping straight faces while my sister and I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically.  During one challenge a piece of paper crumpled into a ball was placed at the center of the table.  Then two players blew on the ball for 15 seconds from opposite sides of the table.  After the time was up the person that was closer to the ball lost.  Just watching them try to complete this task was so funny.


After playing a game a few times sometimes things can get a bit stale because you know what the majority of the cards say.  The good news is Alex Mandel and Identity Games will continue working together to develop new content and challenges which will be available on the Identity Games website.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with!


Are you ready to take the Mouthguard Challenge?  You can find it on Amazon as well as in Hallmark stores and other specialty stores.  Right now it can be ordered on Amazon for only $15.99 and with Prime shipping you’ll be laughing with friends and family in just two days!


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2 Responses to Take the Mouthguard Challenge – Laughter Guaranteed!

  1. Darla says:

    Haha this looks so fun! I love it

  2. shelly peterson says:

    We love playing games. I have seen this game and it looks like so much fun. I have not tried playing it yet. I need to get this game though.

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