How We’re Supporting Pizza Hut: The Literacy Project

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The winter months in Ohio are certainly unpredictable.  We’ve had days that were so bitter cold I didn’t want to even crawl out of bed and then there were days that temperatures reached nearly 60°F.  We have definitely taken advantage of every warm day with trips to the zoo and park.  And on the days that we can’t get out due to the crazy weather my girls love to take an adventure by diving into a book.  Willow tends to travel to times when dinosaurs roamed the earth while Lilah will curl up on the couch with a kitty book.  But no matter what sort of adventure we are getting into my girls always have a Fruit Shoot® on hand to keep them hydrated.

Willow Reading with Fruit Shoot 2After an afternoon of reading it’s not uncommon for me to enter the toy room and find books strewn about and an empty Fruit Shoot® bottle or two.  I try to calmly remind my darling little children where the trash can is and that their books belong on the shelves and not the floor.  In those moments though I might be frustrated I try to look at the positives.  My children are blessed to have shelves full of books that they can read whenever their little hearts desire.  Many children do not have that same luxury.  Fruit Shoot® along with Pizza Hut® have recognized this global program and are partnering with First Book, a nonprofit social enterprise organization representing the largest network of educators serving kids in need.

Fruit Shoot Bottles at Pizza Hut on TableThrough Pizza Hut: The Literacy Project they have set a goal of transforming more than 100 million lives worldwide.  If you would like to help it’s as easy as clicking HERE to check out this amazing program and make a donation.  Every dollar helps and a donation of $10 delivers an entire backpack full of books to children in need.  How awesome is that?  Another way you can help is to take your family out to dinner at Pizza Hut®!

Willow and Dustin at Pizza HutFruit Shoot at Pizza Hut EatingWhen dining at Pizza Hut® now through April 30th 2017 if you purchase a delicious Fruit Shoot® 5¢ of each purchase will be donated to support the First Book literacy program.  You can feel good knowing you are helping children in need and quenching your own child’s thirst with a juice drink made with real fruit juice and plenty of water.  There are so many flavors to choose from and every bottle is free of high fructose corn syrup and contains no artificial coloring or flavoring.

Fruit Shoot at Pizza HutVisit the Fruit Shoot® website to learn even more about this delicious juice drink as well as where it can be purchased.  You will also find more information about Pizza Hut: The Literacy Project and how you can help.  No matter what winter adventures you might get into be sure to take a Fruit Shoot® along for the fun!

Willow Reading with Fruit Shoot

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8 Responses to How We’re Supporting Pizza Hut: The Literacy Project

  1. Carmen C says:

    This is so great

  2. Chad C says:

    Really like pizza hut. Some great stuff they are doing here!

  3. Denise Collier says:

    This was a favorite of my children when they were younger.

  4. Julie Wood says:

    We love eating at Pizza Hut, and what a great way to help literacy!

  5. Elena says:

    I love Pizza Hut. We order their pizza every week

  6. shelly peterson says:

    What a great program. The kids love Pizza Hut and Fruit Shoot.

  7. HS says:

    This is great to know, we love and support Pizza Hut.

  8. Janet W. says:

    That’s great to know you helped support a great cause!

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