Fun at the Perfect Level with Oribel Vertiplay

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While I try to keep our house pretty organized, I’ll admit that there are definitely days you can’t walk through the house without tripping over strewn about toys, legos, or books.  With four boys, the toy clutter can definitely overwhelm me and my floor from time to time.  We’ve implemented some good organizing tools to help cut down on the chaos, including bins on cubicle shelving, an art organizing cabinet, and a no toys in the bedroom rule.  One company, Oribel, has also continued the idea of removing clutter from the floor with their new line of toys, Vertiplay.  Designed to get kids up off floor and out of their chairs, the Vertiplay line is a set of visually appealing, well-made toys that actually attach to the wall at their level.  Oribel sent us a few of their Vertiplay line to try out with our crew, including Croakky the Door Knocker, Busy Woodpecker, and Goofy Moose.


Each Vertiplay toy is backed with a special adhesive film designed to adhere to any clean, smooth surface such as a wall, door, or window.  We simply cleaned the spot, peeled the backing off, and placed the toy at their standing height on the prepped surface.  Plus, it can be removed and repositioned later without damaging the wall or surface.


I definitely knew I wanted to make use of two of the Vertiplay toys in the area between our kitchen and living room.  It’s a space where the boys tend to hang out when I’m cooking dinner or cleaning up, and their toys tend to get underfoot pretty easily.  We placed the Goofy Moose up higher for the older boys, and the Busy Woodpecker knocker down lower for Julian, who is just learning how to pull up on things and sit up on his knees.  And while I’m not a huge decorator, the Vertiplay toys were aesthetically pleasing as well as made with nice wooden materials, so I didn’t mind them being visible in one of our busiest areas.  In fact, we had a group of friends over one evening for dinner, and we had tons of compliments on how neat they were.


The Goofy Moose is definitely the favorite of our older boys.  The antlers on the moose balance on a peg, and the 6 included wooden magnets can be moved from side to side and rearranged.  They love changing the orientation of them and learning about balance and the idea of magnetism through play.


Julian has enjoyed the Busy Woodpecker, and all of the little details built into it.  Made from wood, it includes a woodpecker knocker that lights up the nest inside the tree and two little wooden spinners.  Encouraging developmental play and building dexterity, we love to see him learn new skills when playing with it (sometimes with the help of his big brothers!).


One of the other Vertiplay toys that definitely struck our interest was Croakky, the Door Knocker.  Since we’re working hard to try to teach our boys privacy as they start entering into school, we knew this door knocker would be a hit.  We put it at their level on the bathroom door, and have used it as a reminder to knock before entering and to allow privacy to those behind closed doors.  I feel confident it will catch on, but right now they’re confident that they can annoy whoever is in the bathroom to death by knocking the entire time. 🙂 Still holding tight to that confidence though, haha!  Either way, they love Croakky and have definitely learned how to knock {frequently}!


I love this video by Oribel that really highlights their Vertiplay line.  With a price point starting at just under $10 for the door knockers, the Vertiplay line can fit any budget.  Plus, while perusing their website, I learned that all of Oribel’s products undergo stringent testing to ensure that materials meet and exceed ASTM, EN and REACH standards for hazardous substances and material cleanliness.  So not only can these adorable, functional, and developmentally appropriate toys get kids up and moving, I know they are safe for my boys as well.
Now through February 28th, Oribel is offering 10% off their Vertiplay toy online for our readers with the code “VERTI10”, with free shipping on any order over $100.  You can also spot them at your local retailers like Target, Buy Buy Baby, or Babies R Us.  Check them out and see which Vertiplay toy will get your family out of their chairs to play!


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10 Responses to Fun at the Perfect Level with Oribel Vertiplay

  1. Carmen C says:

    I love this idea!

  2. Alicia says:

    These look like nice quality toys! I need the door knocker for my house because my boys NEVER knock before coming into a room!

  3. lisa says:

    I haven’t seen anything like this – how awesome! We have a small house with four kids and could use something like this!

  4. Sarah says:

    What an awesome idea! I’ve never seen anything like this but I know one of my four kids would love it. Definitely going to look into this.

  5. Oh these are adorable! Love teaching toys like these!

  6. Our family world says:

    This is totally cute! I’m pretty sure that my kids will.surely love it too

  7. Diane Sallans says:

    these are so cute! Haven’t seen anything like this before. they are a nice non-permanent decorating idea too.

  8. shelly peterson says:

    The Vertiplay line looks like a great idea. These would be good for my grandsons.

  9. Julie Wood says:

    How creative and fun to learn. I like getting teaching toys for the kids. It helps them learn.

  10. Janet W. says:

    These products are amazing and so adorable! I like that they can easily be removed afterwards, too.

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