How We Deal When Sick Gets Real

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Last night I went to bed a little earlier than normal because I was just feeling a bit off.  When I woke up this morning I realized why when I tried to swallow and found I had a sore throat and my head felt all stuffy.  I crossed my fingers that no one else had this crud, but when I walked out into the living room I saw that sick got real in my house.  My poor little Willow Bean was curled up on the couch looking rather miserable while coughing and as she said “dripping snot boogies.”  A few weeks ago I shared how we always keep a well stocked medicine cabinet for times like these and so I grabbed the Children’s Advil® and Children’s Robitussin® to get her feeling back to normal.

Pfizer Pediatric Products with Willow

Both of these products have a great tasting grape flavor so my girls don’t give me any trouble about taking their medicine.  While Children’s Advil® will relieve a fever fast it is also great for easing aches and pains that like to accompany colds.  Plus it’s the perfect solution for kids as young as two years old all the way up to eleven years old which means this one medicine can be used for all four of my girls who range in age from two to eight years. Children’s Robitussin® Cough & Chest Congestion DM is now for children four years and over which meant I could use it to help ease Willow’s chest congestion, mucus, and cough.

Pfizer Willow

One thing I’ve noticed since being a mom is that once I give my kids medicine and they start to feel better instead of wanting to rest they try to jump right back to normalcy which typically means running around like crazy people.  As adults we know it is important to rest to allow our bodies to heal, but kids almost need to be forced to rest.  So instead of tying them down to the couch (just kidding), I need to find other ways to get them to willingly rest.  A few new movies always seems to do the trick.  Today I introduced Willow to The Sandlot.  I’m fairly certain every parent out there has watched The Sandlot, but have you shared it with your kiddo?  We had a wonderful time this afternoon cuddling on the couch and laughing as Scotty Smalls and the rest of his friends tried over and over again to retrieve his stepfather’s baseball signed by Babe Ruth out of Mr. Mertle’s junkyard without getting eaten by The Beast.

Pfizer Pediatric Products

Do you have trouble getting your kids to rest when their sick too?  If so you might want to grab a few classic 20th Century Fox films in addition to stocking your medicine cabinet with Pfizer Pediatric products to help you get through those Sick just got real™ moments.  And if you are a Target shopper you can save some money on these items using the Cartwheel app.  Now through February 20th select Pfizer products are 10% off and The Sandlot, The Peanuts Movie, and Ice Age: Collision Course are also 10% off through February 26th.

Cartwheel Offers

I’m so glad I was prepared with a stocked medicine cabinet this morning so I could ease Willow’s aches and pains as soon as possible.  Make sure you are too for the next time one of your little ones feels miserable too.  To get you started enter the giveaway below.  One lucky reader will receive a $25 Target gift card, additional Pfizer Pediatric products [Children’s Advil® Suspension, Grape, Children’s Robitussin® Cough & Chest Congestion, Children’s Dimetapp® Cough & Cold] and (1) 20th Century Fox DVD (Ice Age: Collision Course, The Sandlot, The Peanuts Movie).  Good luck!

Pfizer Disclosure

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29 Responses to How We Deal When Sick Gets Real

  1. Jessica says:

    I help them feel better with lots of cuddles. I think they would both love the Ice Age movie.

  2. David says:

    We have a litany of child dosage medicines to help alleviate their symptoms. They actually don’t really show interest in TV when they are really sick, they just want to sleep.

  3. lea c. says:

    Other than the usual meds, I snuggle up lots with my daughter and make sure her teddy is right next to her. The Peanuts movie would be great fun.

  4. Jessica Naca says:

    When my girls are sick I make sure they are as comfortable as can be. I give them medicine and Pedialyte ice pops. They would enjoy Ice Age: Collision Course! Thanks for the great giveaway and post.

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