Pokémon Pikachu Valentine’s Day Box Tutorial & Printable Cards

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One of my favorite things about elementary school was the holiday parties.  I especially loved making a Valentine’s Day card box each year with my mom or dad.  One year we made a box to look like a boom box and it actually played music.  Now that I have my own kids in elementary school when Valentine’s Day rolls around I always ask what they want their box to be and we execute it to the best of our ability.  This year Kaelyn asked for a Pikachu Valentine’s Day card box and she also wanted Pikachu Valentine’s Day cards to hand out to her friends.  I was really pleased with how her Pikachu box turned out and thought I would share how we made it.

Pokemon Pikachu Valentine's Day Card Box

rectangular box
construction paper – yellow, red, black, white, and brown
wide clear tape

Our first step was to cut a hole in the box which would later end up being our card slot.  I used scissors to cut a rectangular slot on the top of the box (one of the short ends) that was big enough to reach a hand to the bottom of the box so that the cards could be taken out the same way.  We then began covering the entire box in yellow construction paper.  I tried to avoid having any seams visible on the side that would end up being the face.

Once the box was completely covered in yellow construction paper I cut an x in the spot the card slot had been made.  I then folded the pieces under and taped them in place.

Pokemon Pikachu Valentine's Box Card Slot

Next we moved on to the face and ears.  His red cheeks and eyes were made by simply cutting circles from construction paper and gluing them on.  His nose is a small black oval.  The mouth was a little tricky, but I simply free handed the design onto black construction paper and then red for his tongue.  The ears were made by cutting two triangular pieces of yellow construction paper and then adding black triangular pieces of construction paper to the tips.  A seam had been created at the very top of the box when covering it in yellow construction paper so I simply put some glue on the base of the ears and slid them down into that seam.

Pokemon Pikachu Valentine's Day Box Face Close Up

Next to add some love to the box we decided to make Pikachu hold a heart shaped pokeball.  Yes, I know these do not actually exist, but it’s Valentine’s Day!  I cut a heart out of red construction paper and white construction paper.  I then cut the white heart in half and glued the bottom half on top of the red heart.  I then drew to parallel lines with a circle in the middle on black construction paper, cut it out, and glued it onto the heart where the red and white construction paper met.  A smaller white circle was cut out and placed on top of the black circle.  When the entire heart shaped pokeball was complete we glued it on to the stomach area of Pikachu.  His arms were then made by cutting two oval shapes out of yellow construction paper and cutting one end off of each oval.  We rolled tape up and used that to attach the arms to give them a little dimension.

Pokemon Pikachu Valentine's Day Box Heart Pokeball

The last step was to create the tail and stripes.  The two stripes and tail were both drawn free hand onto yellow and brown construction paper.  The two brown stripes were glued down and the tail was attached using rolled up take to create dimension like with the arms.

Pokemon Pikachu Valentine's Day Box Tail

I think Kaelyn’s Pikachu is absolutely adorable and I love that we didn’t have to run out and get any supplies as we had all the construction paper on hand.  But even if you do need to purchase some construction paper this is a super inexpensive project that any Pokémon fan will absolutely love.

Pokemon Pikachu Valentine's Day Card Box

Once we had the Pikachu Valentine’s Day card box complete Kaelyn was ready to move on to making cards for her friends.  We made a stop by Target which was sold out of Pokémon Valentine’s and when we stopped by Walmart I didn’t even see a place where they would have been on the shelf.  I decided instead of running around and searching store shelves for Pokémon Valentine’s Day cards I would design some myself.  We added the heart shaped pokeball so that the cards would match her Valentine’s Day box and I included some lines so it would be easy to see where to write her friends name and then sign her own name.  When I printed these cards I selected to print them in an 8×10 size and they then fit perfectly into a standard social envelope which measures 4 3/4″ x 6 1/2″.  CLICK HERE to get the file!

Pokemon Pikachu Valentine's Day Cards Printable

I hope you enjoyed our Pokémon Valentine’s Day card box and cards.  Happy Valentine’s Day from the Harper Household!

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7 Responses to Pokémon Pikachu Valentine’s Day Box Tutorial & Printable Cards

  1. Carmen C says:

    Very Fun

  2. shelly peterson says:

    What a super cute Valentine’s box. I miss my kids being in grade school.

  3. Julie Wood says:

    My kids would love this cute Pokemon Valentine’s Kids card box. It is so cute and I will have to make one for the kids!

  4. Elena says:

    Looks so cute! I love this idea

  5. Amy Orvin says:

    That is such a cute idea! I know a lot of kids that would want one.

  6. Meryl Closs says:

    This is so cute!

  7. Janet W. says:

    That is such a cute design! My grandsons would love it! I’ll keep this in mind for next year!

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