Make Moving with Kids Less Stressful

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When Dustin and I found out that we were expecting our first child about ten years ago we were living in an apartment.  While apartment living works for some people it didn’t seem practical for us especially in our current living situation.  We were on the third floor of a building without an elevator, no washer/dryer in our unit, and the second bedroom was very small.  And so we began the frantic search for what would become our first home together since our lease was soon to expire on our apartment.  We had intended for this cozy bungalow to be our starter home, but ten years later we’re still here and I admit things are a bit cramped with our four girls.


One of the big things that has stopped me from starting the process of looking for a new home is moving with kids.  When we first moved into our home it was just me, Dustin, and our two cats.  Ten years later it is me, Dustin, four kids, a cat, dog, and two big aquariums of fish.  Moving with all of these people and animals seems like a truly daunting task that I was just too afraid to begin.  Perhaps you are in the same situation.  You want to move, but the logistics of it all are just too scary with kids in the mix.

Recently I had the opportunity to meet with a wonderful group of bloggers and Northwood Realty Services to discuss what moving with a family entails.  If you are looking for a realtor and are in Western Pennsylvania or Eastern Ohio I highly recommend considering Northwood Realty Services.  They are one of the region’s largest real estate service providers, serving customers across 30 counties from 39 offices.  Since 1956, Northwood has earned a reputation for integrity, accountability and hard work. Guided by these principles and a desire to serve others, Northwood provides its clients with full-service real estate solutions that cover every step of the buying and selling process.

During this meeting we bounced ideas off of each other and came up with solutions to make the process of moving with a family less stressful.  From all of these ideas this amazing infographic was created.

Moving with Northwood

I wanted to touch on just a few things mentioned in this infographic that resonated with me and that are my biggest scare factors in moving with this lovely bunch of children.

WE HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF!!  While I refer to our home as cozy basically that is a cute way of saying this place is tiny.  If our kids get even a few toys out and leave them on the floor the living room looks like a disaster.  Their bedroom and toy room is over flowing with dolls, Legos, blocks, and so much more.  When you decided to list your home for sale that is the time to start packing – not after it sells.  Start by packing up the things that you do not use or need on a daily basis.  For example if it is summer time in Ohio we have absolutely no need for our winter coats,  scarfs, gloves, hats, boots, sleds, and snow shovels.  The kids toys can also be drastically reduced by packing away almost everything and leaving only their favorites out.  Make sure to also pack away photos and other items that are personal to your family.  You want those interested in your home to view themselves living there.  If you have no where to store these boxes of packed items a storage unit is an ideal solution.  Plus when the time comes to move everything out of your home you will have already gotten an awesome start on the process.

LEAVING OUR HOME.  As I mentioned before this is the home we brought all four of our girls home to which means we have made all of our memories here.  It would be very hard to leave that all behind not only for me, but for the girls as well.  Preserving memories of our first home would be very important.  A few things I have considered doing include taking photos of our girls in each room of the house as well as outside.  I would then make these photos into a book that could be printed for each of my girls to look through when they want to remember their first home.  Perhaps you have a piece of trim in your home where you have measured your child as they have grown.  Be sure to remove that and take it with you.  Of course you will need to replace it as though it was never removed so I would suggest doing this before beginning the selling process.

Be sure to take a close look at this infographic as it has so much wonderful information to guide you through the moving process from start to finish.  Moving with kids doesn’t have to be a scary and stressful experience.  With the right realtor you can actually enjoy this experience while including the kids.  Reach out to Northwood Realty Services to get started!

Northwood Realty Disclosure


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  1. Sarah says:

    Moving with kids can be crazy! We did it almost 4 years ago…so happy to be in our forever home!

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