Contain Toys and Gather Them in a Snap with Play&Go

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Messes are inevitable when you have four children between the ages of one and seven.  And as much as I try really hard to avoid it, clutter is pretty much inevitable most of the time as well.  We have tons of storage bins, boxes, and shelves, but I still find that clutter happens when all of those things are taken down to play.  I mean, sure, playing legos sounds innocent enough… until I rudely realize at 6 am that they were never gathered back up and put away into those bins, and it’s currently lodged in the sole of my foot just below my 3rd toe.  (One day I’ll miss this, they tell me!)  So basically, anything that makes that part of my life a little easier and looks good at the same time is a win for me.  Recently, the European company, Play&Go sent me a toy storage bag and mini toy storage bag to review and help with my toy clutter issues.

When we opened the thunderbolt mini bag, the boys knew exactly what we were using it for- LEGOS!  Even though it’s the mini, it’s over 15 inches in diameter and can hold a lot of small toys.  My boys fit their beach bucket full of legos straight into it with some room for a few more.  It definitely worked as a self-containing play mat since the edges stay curled up a bit, and the thick texture of the canvas kept toys from scattering and bouncing everywhere.  When they were done playing, both ends of the pull cord and toggle were pulled and the mat pulled up into a bag.  The first few times it was a little difficult to gather the bag due to the stiffness of the canvas, but I think it will continue to soften up over time and with washing (oh! Play&Go bags are completely washable!).  It wouldn’t close completely, so it’s not a bag I’d fill completely with small items and just toss somewhere, but it’s great for my older boys to carry around their legos in.  I think it would also be great for cars, army guys, crayons, blocks, and the list goes on.

Now, the regular Play&Go bags are much bigger than the minis- an impressive 55 inches in diameter! We use the regular bag more as a playmat on the go.  It’s perfect to pack full of toys and activities, take it out to the soccer field or ball diamond, and open into a heavy-duty (and again, washable!) playmat.  Once the game is over, we just pull the bag closed (with some adult help- this one is still kind of stiff and the canvas is a little heavy for our little guys), load the bag into the trunk, and carry on.  We got the green diamond pattern, which is a classic looking print, so it also looks great full of toys and just sitting nicely in the corner of my living room.  They also have a really cool “color my bag” version that comes with fabric markers and hours of fun decorating the bag itself.  A simple wash makes it clean and ready to color again (our 5 year old would LOVE this one since his very favorite pastime is coloring).

I feel like we’ve just hit the tip of the iceberg with these great Play&Go bags.  In the future I can see them being used for laundry, sports equipment, and even as an overnight bag to Mamaw’s house.  I also think it would be awesome to keep on hand for an on-the-go baby mat for those little ones that aren’t mobile yet.  They come in so many different colors and prints, and with being washable and a durable heavy-duty canvas, they are perfect for pretty much everyone.  They can quickly be thrown under a bed or hung from a coat hook, and even look nice just gathered in the corner. They are available at local specialty stores as well as on Amazon, so be sure to grab one before the Christmas rush and put one under your tree this season!

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2 Responses to Contain Toys and Gather Them in a Snap with Play&Go

  1. Diane Sallans says:

    this would be so handy for traveling since we do love to bring our Legos!

  2. julie says:

    this would be so great for my kids-clean up would take them no time at all

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