Hand & Foot Print Crafts

Super Simple Penguin Footprint Craft

I spent New Years Day taking down both of our Christmas trees and any holiday decorations that were Santa related.  I leave up everything that has snowmen or penguins though since their more winter than Christmas.  And well winter will be here for quite a while longer.  The fireplace mantle looked a bit bare though and so the girls helped me on a little craft project to fill up some space.  I absolutely adore craft projects that incorporate my little ones hand and foot prints because soon enough they won’t be so little anymore. And so today I turned their … …..

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Making It Monday: Foot Print Nursery Decor

It’s Monday!  That means it’s time for Making It Monday.  Some weeks the crafts will be super simple, some times they’ll be a bit more complex, and sometimes they’ll be perfect for toddler participation.  Regardless you can be sure that you’ll always find something adorable with instructions so easy to follow that even the craft-challenged will be able to replicate the project in their own home – promise! For the longest time I have been ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the adorable birth statistic prints I have seen on numerous websites, but being the frugal mama I am I just couldn’t … …..

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Making It Monday: Hand Print Easter Bunnies

My two big girls love to make crafts and I have been trying to do more with them.  And so as a way to make sure that continues to happen I have decided to start a new little feature that will be posted on Mondays… hence the name “Making It Monday!”  Today I’m going to be sharing the adorable hand print bunnies we made this week to add to the Easter décor on the fire place mantle.  I just love how they turned out! The supply list is super simple and you can get everything for less than $10 at … …..

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Halloween Hand Print Bat Craft Tutorial

Halloween is almost here!  And so I thought it would be the perfect time to share a fun Halloween inspired craft you can make with your kiddos.  I love making crafts with my kids that use hand and foot prints because it’s almost as though I am capturing a piece of their childhood in paint.  Two years ago I shared how to make a hand print spider and foot print ghost – this year we’re going to do a hand print bat! You’ll just need a few simple supplies…. We used black construction paper and light purple paint, but you … …..

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Santa Handprint Tutorial

  I did a little art project with Dilly today and thought I would share how to make one with your little munchkins too.  I would love to do this with Sugar, but she is still at an age where she keeps her little chubby hands in tight fists and that definitely won’t work for this project.  Perhaps I could figure out a version to do with her foot though….. I will have to think about that.  Anyhow, here is how to make a Santa handprint with your little one. Supplies: ornate picture frame… I got mine at a garage … …..

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Follow the Star – Footprint Memories…

Follow the Star – Day 5 Active giveaways on all the blogs! What Mama Wants Mirthful Motherhood Spoons, Spades, and Stitches Including a Tommee Tippee Giveaway here!  It will end on 11/7 at 11:59PM EST so get those entries in! Then the Itzy Ritzy Snack Happened Bag will be next. Sorry this post is so late getting up…. I have not been feeling well at all today. I sent Dilly to her Nanny’s house for a sleepover so I don’t make her sick.  Sugar and I have just been hanging out and resting.  The other day we made some cute … …..

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Footprint Ghost Greeting Card

Footprint Ghost Greeting Card Cost: approximately $3 Time: about 10 minutes Materials: black 12″x12″ paper, white paint, foam brush/paintbrush, google eyes, black marker, glue 1.)  Cut the black paper into a 4″x12″ piece & fold in half to make it 4″x6″. (This was the perfect size for a toddler size 6 shoe.) 2.)  Paint the entire bottom of foot white. 3.)  Press foot firmly down onto black paper.  Make sure toes are pointed towards open end.  4.)  Let footprint dry completely. 5.)  Glue googly eyes on and use black marker to draw mouth. Use paint/white crayon/letter stickers to write BOO. … …..

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Hand Print Spider Halloween Card

Hand Print Spider Halloween Card Cost: approximately $3 Time: about 10 minutes Materials: orange construction paper, black paint, googly eyes, markers, glue, paintbrush/foam brush 1.)  Fold the orange piece of construction paper to make a greeting card. 2.)  Draw 3 straight lines out from any corner. I used a white paint marker. 3.)  Link the lines together with a wave like pattern to create the spider web. 4.)  Paint palm and fingers with black paint, but do not paint the thumb. My daughter is 2 and her hand fit perfectly on this size paper. 5.)  Press hand onto orange construction … …..

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