Easter Crafts

Announcing Pregnancy with Secret Message Eggs

Since I am back in to the groove of blogging on a frequent basis I realized that I never shared how we announced we were pregnant with Baby Harper #4 to our immediate family.  When pregnant with our first I gave my mom a greeting card for Grandma and we simply told the rest of the family.  When pregnant with #2 I put Alleigh in a big sister shirt and let her “tell” the family.  With #3 I bought personalized shirts announcing the news for the big girls to wear.  But this time I wanted to do things a little … …..

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Making It Monday: Yarn Easter Eggs

It’s Monday!  That means it’s time for Making It Monday.  Some weeks the crafts will be super simple, some times they’ll be a bit more complex, and sometimes they’ll be perfect for toddler participation.  Regardless you can be sure that you’ll always find something adorable with instructions so easy to follow that even the craft-challenged will be able to replicate the project in their own home – promise!  This week I’ll be continuing with the Easter theme and showing how I made some super cute yarn Easter eggs – very similar to the yarn ball Christmas ornaments I shared over … …..

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Making It Monday: Framed Button Easter Egg

Disclaimer:  I know it is no where near Monday…. but last week I announced that I would be starting a weekly Making It Monday post with fun craft ideas that I have actually completed with picture tutorials.  This week my blog was hacked and got heavily infected with malware.  After a few days down and a good chunk of money spent I am back up and running.  I didn’t want to skip out on this week’s Make It Monday post.  So yes… it is Thursday, but oh well. This adorable framed button Easter egg is super simple to make and … …..

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Decorating Easter Eggs with Napkins Tutorial

I can’t believe that Easter is less than a month away.  Last year I shared a tutorial for dying Easter eggs using silk ties.  It received such a great response that I thought it would be fun to share another method of decorating eggs this year using another atypical item.  Napkins! Let’s start off with the super simple material list… Before you are ready to start decorating the eggs dye them a variety of solid colors using any method of your choosing.  I used food coloring, 1 teaspoon white vinegar, and 1/2 cup boiling water to make my dyes. 1.)  … …..

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How to make Silk “Tie” Dye Easter Eggs

I can’t believe Easter is almost here… April 8th!  Are you ready yet?  I’ll be honest – I am SO not ready.  I ordered the girls personalized baskets from Thirty-One, but have nothing to put in them yet.  But even though I am not ready concerning Easter baskets Dilly and I had some fun making Easter eggs today.  Ya I know it’s a bit early to make Easter eggs, but if we didn’t do a batch now how would I share this awesome tutorial with you guys? Silk “TIE” Dye Easter Eggs Supplies: eggs 100% Silk Neck Ties White Sheet … …..

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