Halloween Hand Print Bat Craft Tutorial

Halloween is almost here!  And so I thought it would be the perfect time to share a fun Halloween inspired craft you can make with your kiddos.  I love making crafts with my kids that use hand and foot prints because it’s almost as though I am capturing a piece of their childhood in paint.  Two years ago I shared how to make a hand print spider and foot print ghost – this year we’re going to do a hand print bat! You’ll just need a few simple supplies…. We used black construction paper and light purple paint, but you … …..

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Bobby the Pumpkin!

Yesterday we carved the big pumpkin that we picked at Kingsway Farm.  I have really gotten into carving pumpkins the past few years.  Dilly’s first Halloween I carved a pirate skull & crossbones.  Last year I made a cute kitty face since Dilly loves cats.  This year I knew immediately what I should make…. Sponge Bob Square Pants or as Dilly calls him “Bobby”!  I’m sure you have noticed her love of Bobby. Hehe!  And so I searched for a Sponge Bob pattern and we got to work.  I pretty much knew that Dilly wouldn’t want to touch any of … …..

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Footprint Ghost Greeting Card

Footprint Ghost Greeting Card Cost: approximately $3 Time: about 10 minutes Materials: black 12″x12″ paper, white paint, foam brush/paintbrush, google eyes, black marker, glue 1.)  Cut the black paper into a 4″x12″ piece & fold in half to make it 4″x6″. (This was the perfect size for a toddler size 6 shoe.) 2.)  Paint the entire bottom of foot white. 3.)  Press foot firmly down onto black paper.  Make sure toes are pointed towards open end.  4.)  Let footprint dry completely. 5.)  Glue googly eyes on and use black marker to draw mouth. Use paint/white crayon/letter stickers to write BOO. … …..

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Pumpkin Candle Holder

 Pumpkin Candle Holder Cost: approximately $6Time: about 45 minutesMaterials: glass container, tissue paper (orange/green/black), mod podge  1.)  Mix mod podge with a little water to thin. 2.)  Tear the orange tissue paper into small pieces.   I chose to use 2 slightly different shades of orange. 3.)  Paint a thin layer of mod podge on a small area and begin placing orange pieces. Pat the tissue paper flat onto the glass container until the entire piece is saturated. 4.)  Continue placing orange pieces on until the entire pumpkin body is covered. 5.)  Tear up the green tissue paper into small pieces. … …..

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Hand Print Spider Halloween Card

Hand Print Spider Halloween Card Cost: approximately $3 Time: about 10 minutes Materials: orange construction paper, black paint, googly eyes, markers, glue, paintbrush/foam brush 1.)  Fold the orange piece of construction paper to make a greeting card. 2.)  Draw 3 straight lines out from any corner. I used a white paint marker. 3.)  Link the lines together with a wave like pattern to create the spider web. 4.)  Paint palm and fingers with black paint, but do not paint the thumb. My daughter is 2 and her hand fit perfectly on this size paper. 5.)  Press hand onto orange construction … …..

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