Spring Fever Sneak Peek: Ultimate Breastfeeding Prize Pack

I am so excited to tell you about an awesome event called “Spring Fever” that I will be participating in this coming April 15th through the 21st with dozens of other awesome bloggers.  A huge thank you to the host of this event – {Not Quite} Susie Homemaker!  Each blog will have an awesome prize pack valued at a minimum of $50, but you know here at Happenings of the Harper Household I went above and beyond for my readers!  Excited to hear about what you will have the chance to win?   Since I am a 100% breastfeeding mama … …..

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Friendly Debates with the Danielles: Breastfeeding in Public

Welcome to Week 11 of Friendly Debates With The Danielles! Each Sunday evening Danielle from “We Don’t Have It All Together, But Together We Have It All” and I will host this awesome meme and we would love for you to link up and join us. There will be a question each week that will require you to think about how you feel about a certain topic and to decide where you stand regarding that topic, then of course share those thoughts! We do have a few rules… or rather guidelines… that we would appreciate being followed: 1.) Please follow … …..

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Breastfeeding – Whip em Out!

Today I took Dilly and Sugar to a local church that has a playland where the kiddos can play for free and the mommas can sit around and chit chat.  One of the moms and I were chatting about cloth diapers and I offered to show her some and she was amazed at how different they were from what she was imagining.  Then she asked if I breastfed and a super sad look must of instantly hit my face because she immediately started apologizing and said she just assumed that since I cloth diapered I breastfed.  I told her she … …..

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Bye Bye Breastfeeding…

This past week has been rather rough… I was having pain in my breasts along with feeling achy all over and a fever.  After a trip to the OBGYN I found out I had mastitis and was given a prescription for antibiotics.  After 24 hours of taking the antibiotics I was feeling pretty good, but then the trouble with Sugar started.  That night she woke up at around 1 AM and was screaming and crying – this went on for the entire night.  I couldn’t figure out what the problem was and felt helpless.  That morning the diarrhea started and … …..

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