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Never Wordless Wednesday: The Great Cloth Diaper Change 2013

This past Saturday Willow, my mom, and I headed to The Breastfeeding Center in Massillon, Ohio to attend The Great Cloth Diaper Change for my third consecutive year.  In 2011 it was a tad breezy out, but still a nice day…. in 2012 it was rainy… and this year it was snowing – little flurries, but still it was snow and at our location we do this outside.  But for us cloth diaper crazies not even a bit of snow flurries will stop us from trying to set a Guinness World Record, hehe.  Here’s a peek at how our day … …..

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The Great Cloth Diaper Change 2012

Today was The Great Cloth Diaper Change and even though it was raining all morning that didn’t stop Sugar and I from attending!  My awesome sister came with us to snap a bunch of pictures and I was excited to see a good friend there as well – she’s actually making Baby Girl’s newborn diaper covers, yay!  If you aren’t familiar with what The Great Cloth Diaper Change is all about it is an attempt to break the world record for the most cloth diapers changed at one time!  This world record attempt is a great way to show the … …..

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Free GroVia? Here’s How!

The Great Cloth Diaper Change is quickly approaching on April 21st 2012 and GroVia wants to celebrate with everyone by giving away 1,000 FREE GroVia diapers…  and getting one is super simple, really!  Here’s how: I’m proud to say that at last years Great Cloth Diaper Change Sugar was changed into a GroVia without any incentive at all, hehe.  Check out how little she was…. seems like just yesterday. So make sure you find the closest Great Cloth Diaper Change location to where you live and register for this awesome event.  Be sure to bring your favorite GroVia, snap a … …..

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Organizing My Fluffy Stash

When I first started accumulating cloth diapers I stored them in a single drawer in Sugar’s changing table, but my stash continued growing.  Yes cloth diapers are addicting.  If you didn’t know this I am warning you now, hehe.  Anyhow – my stash soon grew to fill two drawers and that was when there were at least 10 in the diaper pail.  The drawer system was working rather well, but then I decided to remove the changing table, crib, and armoire from the nursery.  Since the girls are now sharing a room upstairs there was no reason to have all … …..

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Sugar’s a Local Star! (& some WINNERS too).

If you hadn’t noticed I am a lover of cloth diapers and so I love promoting them any way possible.  I will talk to anyone anywhere about cloth diapers – I always make sure to tell them that I did use disposables on my first, so I truly know the pros and cons of each.  I just wish I had known more sooner so that Dilly could of been cloth diapered too! So when one of my favorite places,The Breastfeeding Center, posted on facebook that they needed a few fluffy butted babies to get their picture taken for our local … …..

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Clothesline in action!

Today was the first day since Dustin built my clothesline that diaper laundry and nice weather happened on the same day!  I was so excited to hang Sugar’s diapers out on the line today.  And yes I almost filled up all four lines.  Plus there is still diapers in the drawers!  What a pretty sight, hehe. I love the smell of laundry after it has been hung outside to dry.  Is it weird that I am excited for them to dry so that I can stuff them all and put them away?  Yup – cloth diaper addict right here!  At … …..

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Dustin finished my clothesline today! 4 – count that – 4 lines!  When he started building it I wondered why in the world he was making the poles so big.  In my head I was picturing a small clothesline with 2 lines.  But I am definitely not complaining!  My hubby made me an awesome clothesline and I am pumped!  I am a bit too excited about doing diaper laundry – now that will be an awesome picture. All I can say is you know you are a cloth diaper addict when something like a clothesline makes you this happy, hehe.

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The Great Cloth Diaper Change!

Today was “The Great Cloth Diaper Change” and Sugar and I attended at The Breastfeeding Center in Massillon, Ohio.  It was such an awesome feeling to know that at the exact moment I was changing Sugar into a new cloth diaper not only were 41 other parents around me doing the exact same thing, but also parents all around the world!  I was so glad my friend Trista (Andersons Angels) was able to come out with her little one as well.  And a big thank you to my sister for coming with me to take pictures of Sugar and I … …..

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DIY Diaper Sprayer

While I was spraying off a poopy diaper this morning I realized that I completely forgot to write up the DIY diaper sprayer tutorial!  I really should have Dustin write this up because he is the one who made it for me, but I highly doubt I could convince him to write a blog post.  So I will do my best to explain – luckily he is sitting beside me holding Sugar so if I have any questions I can just ask! Hehe. DIY Diaper Sprayer Materials: Kitchen Sink Spray Hose & Head Assembly, 12″ Filter Supply Line Splicer, Ander-Lign … …..

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