My Birth Stories

Lilah Rose’s Birth Story

I know it’s been a little over a month, but I am finally ready to share Lilah Rose’s birth story. On November 5th I woke up to get Alleigh off to school.  While I was going about our normal morning routine I noticed my lower back was really hurting and I kept getting shooting pains down through my tailbone.  Dustin was working afternoons that week and so when I went in the bedroom to give him a kiss goodbye I let him know I was having these pains and that I *might* be in the beginning stages of labor, but … …..

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Willow Jean’s Birth Story

I feel so blessed to be sitting here typing Willow’s birth story while she sleeps peacefully beside me…. but before I begin I will just begin by saying that this beautiful little girl had plans that were very very different from my birth wishes.  And so here we go… Friday afternoon I headed over to my OB appointment which was at 3:20PM.  I had been contemplating all morning whether or not I would ask to have my membranes stripped because my due date was only three days away and the steel company that Dustin works at would be on shut … …..

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Sugar’s Birth Story

I know I said that I was going to tell Sugar’s birth story the day after I posted Dilly’s…. but really you shouldn’t believe anything a pregnant woman says, hehe.  But the good news is I am gonna tell you all about it today! And so I’m going to start the day before Sugar arrived.  On April 29th 2010 my mom and I took Dilly and the little boy she was babysitting to the Akron Zoo to celebrate Dilly’s 2nd birthday which is actually April 30th.  It was a super hot day and I huffed and puffed pushing Dilly in … …..

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Dilly’s Birth Story

I started my blog when Sugar was about four months old and so I haven’t shared either of my girls birth stories.  With how much I have been documenting Baby Harper #3’s pregnancy I thought it would be fun to share Dilly and Sugar’s birth stories too…. and then share my birth plan this time around.  And so tonight it is Dilly’s turn.  Since this was almost four years ago the times and sequence of events might be a little off, but here’s my memory. On April 30th 2008 I woke up early in the morning at approximately 5AM.  I … …..

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