Potty Learning

Our Pampers Easy Ups Potty Learning Party

Now that our backyard is fenced in I absolutely love hosting little gatherings and play dates.  Any excuse for a party is fine by me and so when Pampers asked if I would like to host a potty learning party I jumped at the chance.  When Willow was born nearly three years ago two of my very close friends also brought beautiful little girls into the world within months of each other.  Those three have been close ever since and have now entered the potty learning phase together.  What better way to get them excited about this milestone than to … …..

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Make Every Night a Good Night with GoodNites* TRU-FIT* {Real Underwear with Outstanding Wetness Protection}

There is a common misconception that once a child is potty trained during the day that they should have no issues with staying dry during the night.  Many times parents make adjustments to their child’s routines trying to achieve night time dryness like making sure they use the restroom immediately before bed or limiting liquids after a certain time.  And while these are both great things to try it is important to know that there is no such thing as night time potty training. Bed wetting is a fairly common condition that occurs in an estimated 1 in 6 children … …..

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Bed Wetting Issues? Give White Cloud Sleep Pants a Try!

White Cloud Sleep Pants

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of White Cloud Sleep Pants. Alleigh was a bit challenging when it came to potty learning.  She was just a month shy of turning four before she was completely accident free during the day time.  Night time took quite a while longer.  I remember feeling very frustrated that she could stay dry all day, but would wake up in the middle of the night wet needing new sheets and pajamas. I decided to do a little research on bed wetting and discovered that it is a very common occurrence.  In … …..

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Make Potty Training Fun with the Pull-Ups Big Kids App!

As part of the Pull-Ups “First Flush” Ambassador Program I had the pleasure of hosting a little get together for Kaelyn and her potty training buddies.  Now it was nearly as big as the NYC Larger Than Life Potty Training Celebration in Times Square, but the kiddos still had a good time, hehe. Due to the crazy amount of germs making their way around and the sudden snow storm only a few friends were able to make it to the party, but we made the best of it.  Everyone chowed down on fruit, dip, and snack cakes.  Then while the … …..

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Pull-Ups Larger Than Life Potty Celebration

Wanna know a way to make potty training fun?  Yes, I said FUN.  Instead of thinking of it as a daunting task turn it into a celebration starting with that very first flush.  Kaelyn prefers to use her little potty chair, but when we dump it in the toilet and she flushes we clap, dance, and shout hooray! When it comes to celebrating potty training Pull-Ups have decided to take the party to a whole new level.  Their going BIG.  As in New York City big.  On January 29th there will be a larger than life potty training celebration in … …..

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Announcing the Pull-Ups: Why Wait – Let’s Celebrate! First Flush Party!

I’m going to say, well type, two words.  Please don’t let them scare you away.  Potty Learning. Are you still here?  Good!  I admit it.  Potty Learning can be a daunting task – more so for the parent, hehe.  I know there was a time I thought my oldest would never figure out how to use the potty consistently.  I thought for sure we would be sending her to college with Pull-Ups in her back pack…. I’m sure you can sense the sarcasm, right?  We tried everything from praise to sticker charts to M&M’s and everything in between.  What we … …..

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GroVia My Choice Trainer Giveaway

Dilly could truly care less about potty learning…. she will pee on the potty, but has no desire whatsoever to poop anywhere but in her pants.  Sugar on the other hand seriously impressed us last week when she started asking to use the potty.  She would run to the bathroom door and yell “POTTY!”  But what was even more impressive was when she successfully peed and pooped on the potty.  However, since Sugar is completely cloth diapered taking them on and off constantly has become quite a hassle.  I can’t use any Velcro diapers on her because she knows how … …..

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Jahgoo 3 in 1 Potty Trainer Review

Oh the joys of potty training!  When Dilly first started having in interest in using the potty we headed to the store where we found a wide variety of potty chairs.  Most of them were not what we wanted… some had just way too many pieces making the whole process way more complicated than it needed to be  and there was even a potty that sang a song when you peed in it.  Really?  I could just see that scaring a little kid into never wanting to sit on the potty again!  When it comes to potty training a simple … …..

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The Little Looster Review

Some kids take to potty learning with ease…. and to those parents – I don’t like you, hehe, just kidding!!  We are struggling with potty learning in the Harper Household, but I know Dilly will get there eventually.  She is just very stubborn.  And by now I am sure you are wondering why I am talking about potty learning at all – right?  Well we can’t just talk fluffy cuteness all the time, those cute little fluffy butted babes eventually grow up and when they do there are some great products out there to help with potty learning.  One of … …..

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Kissaluvs Pocket Training Pants Review & Giveaway

So about 6 months or so ago Dilly was doing phenomenal with potty learning.  She was peeing consistently on the potty, but we had yet to master the other half, hehe.  About a month into potty learning she came down with a pretty wicked cold and basically decided she wanted nothing to do with the potty.  And hasn’t since.  Some days she will decide she wants to pee on the potty, but those days are few and far between.  She’s such a smart little girl when it comes to things like letters, numbers, colors, etc which makes me think this … …..

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