Something About Silver: Show Them Your Love Photo Contest–$250 Cash & $75 Gift Card

As part of my 2012 Holiday Gift Guide I shared a company with my readers that specializes in custom hand stamped jewelry.  That company is Something About Silver and I still love the personalized stacking ring I received as much as I did the day I wrote about it.  In fact it has become part of the few pieces of jewelry that I consistently wear on a daily basis.  The other two pieces being my wedding ring and past,present,future ring.  As part of my review I had the opportunity to host a giveaway as well… that winner has been chosen, … …..

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Lilla Rose Hair Jewelry Review & Giveaway

It seems every day my hair is up in some way whether it be a pony tail, half up, twisted up…. you get the idea.  Since my days consist of chasing around a four and two year old, changing diapers, breastfeeding, doing laundry, continuously picking up messes, and staring into the computer screen for long periods of time having my hair hanging down in my face is just not practical.  But I really hated just using a simple elastic band – for some reason they give off a childish vibe to me, especially when doing a half up style.  Let’s … …..

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My Kids Lids {Fashionable Fleece Hats} Review & Giveaway

I can’t believe it’s been a little over a year since I first introduced my readers to My Kids Lids and I am so excited to feature Katie Segel Liban, owner and designer, on my blog once again.  If you’ve been hanging around for any length of time then you have probably realized that I love matching my girls and I was so excited to have Katie make Alleigh and Kaelyn custom hats to perfectly match their red pea coats. Before I share the girls ridiculously adorable hats I want to give ya a bit of background information about My … …..

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2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Jolica Review & $50 Giveaway

Sterling silver jewelry.  Leather handbags.  Glass jewelry.  Hand-loomed scarves.  Did I catch your attention yet?  Well if so then you will definitely want to check out Jolica – The Art of Giving.  And not only will you look stylish wearing one of these gorgeous pieces of jewelry or carrying one of these trendy handbags, but you can feel good about shopping Jolica as well.  And that is because each item is handcrafted by artisans in Fair Trade workshops which means that when you look your best, you are also providing opportunity for these very talented artisans. If you’re not familiar … …..

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2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Something About Silver Review & Giveaway

Like most women I love jewelry.  But for the most part I like looking at it – if that makes any sense, hehe.  I think rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that are big and full of bling are pretty, but their not for me.  I prefer simple classic pieces and I really love silver.  My wedding ring and past, present, future ring are white gold because I refuse to wear yellow gold and they look nice along with the silver jewelry that I prefer.  I don’t tend to wear much jewelry – in fact the two rings I just mentioned … …..

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2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Earthy Expressions Personalized Mothers Necklace Review

Like most women I love jewelry… before having my little ones I had tons of it and loved wearing different big funky pieces everyday.  But my style has definitely simplified and now I prefer to wear just a few pieces in addition to my wedding ring on a daily basis.  I also like every piece of jewelry I wear to have a meaning behind it and since being a mom is my greatest joy in life having a necklace with my munchkins names on it is perfection for me.  As I mentioned I prefer a simplistic style and absolutely love … …..

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The Sunglass Man Online Review & Giveaway

My hubby has to have sunglasses…. for him it is an absolute necessity.  However, he tends to lose and break them quite often which means I don’t want him spending tons of money on them.  And so that is why I was pleased to find The Sunglass Man Online.  Finally lots of options and at affordable prices too – makes for a happy wife. The Sunglass Man Online was originally a walk in store located in the exclusive Siesta Key Village on the Gulf Coast of Florida.  In 1999 they made the jump to the internet where they have been … …..

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Jolica–The Art of Giving: Review & Giveaway

What woman doesn’t like jewelry?  Ok, I am sure there are some exceptions out there, but for the most part women and jewelry are a match made in heaven.  Pssst, remember this because Mother’s Day is right around the corner!  And that is why I want to tell you about a great company that does so much more than sell beautiful jewelry.  Jolica – Changing lives through conscious commerce and giving back. Before I begin talking about the gorgeous earrings I received to review I want to tell you a bit about Jolica.  As I mentioned Jolica is changing lives … …..

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Once Upon A Memory–Hand Crafted Personalized Jewelry Giveaway

Most women absolutely love jewelry and all moms love showing off their kiddos, so what happens when you put those two loves together? Perfection. April, a wife and mother of two, is the owner of “Once Upon A Memory” where she specializes in personalized jewelry.  I have personally known April for a very long time, in fact pretty much as long as I can remember and she is such a sweet and caring person.  This definitely shows through in her work.  April has always enjoyed crafting and has tried her hand at many different venues including photography, cake decorating, knitting, … …..

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Myself Belts Review & Giveaway

Dilly is my lil skinny minnie.  If I buy her jeans to fit length the waist is too big and if I get them to fit her waist it looks like she is waiting for a flood to come, hehe.  And so most of her jeans have an adjustable waist, but I hated being limited in choices  of pants to buy her.  I needed a belt that she would be able to use herself, but couldn’t find anything like that in stores.  Every belt was just a smaller version of an adult size belt that Dilly wouldn’t be able to … …..

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