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Take A Walk On The Wild Side with Clawz {Review & Giveaway}

My boys have reached the stage where they really love to dress themselves in the morning times, and shoes are a favorite item for them to pick out.  While I don’t mind them dressing up in my “princess shoes,” it’s nice for them to have some fun shoes of their own that are easy to put on.  Their new Clawz shoes fit the bill perfectly! Clawz are shoes that are molded from comfortable, durable, odor-resistant, mold-resistant, lightweight material that comes in a variety of sizes and colors- and of course, look like a pair of animal claws!  They are a … …..

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Dawgs Spirit Shoes Review & Giveaway

When it comes to footwear for myself and especially for my kiddos I am very picky.  When warm weather started rolling in I knew my girls would need shoes that would allow their feet to breath, be comfy playing outside for hours and hours, and be closed toe for safety reasons.  I found all of that plus more in the Dawgs brand. Sugar and Dilly each received a pair of Toddler Dawgs Spirit shoes to try out. There are SO many things I love about these shoes.  Not only are they super light weight, but they also have cooling ventilation … …..

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pediped Review & Giveaway

Feet need to be taken care of from birth – after all their the only feet we will have for the rest of our lives!  Angela Edgeworth realized this when her first daughter was born and she wanted to know what shoes would be the best for her feet.  Not only did she want a shoe that could be worn inside and outside, but most importantly one that would also be healthy.  After lots of research Angela discovered that doctors recommended either barefoot walking or soft leather sole shoes, but the choices for toddlers and infants were very limited.  And … …..

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Gift Guide: Pairendipity Review & Giveaway

Product: Pairendipity Prima Category:  Women & Toddler Gifts One of the cutest things ever is watching little girls walk around in their momma’s or daddy’s shoes.  Sugar loves finding my heels (which I rarely wear) and clunking around in them or shuffling around in her daddy’s steel toed work boots, hehe.  I love that she wants to be just like Dustin and I right down to her shoes.  I wanted to embrace that desire while it lasts because every parent knows there will come a time when their child will think their parents are the most uncool people ever – … …..

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