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Bella Gravida – Revolutionizing the Maternity Wardrobe

I participated in a Blog Blast Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Bella Gravida. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation. Recently I have received exciting news that quite a few people very close to me are pregnant!  One of those lovely ladies is my sister-in-law who is pregnant with her first and I am over the moon excited for her.  With all these exciting announcements I thought there’s no better time than the present to impart some of my pregnancy wisdom.  I have done this four times after all, hehe.  And so today we … …..

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Jord Wood Watches – Timepieces Inspired by Nature

As a nurse, wearing a watch at work is a must for me. They have to be functional and hold up to lots of wear and tear, and in the process, don’t always end up really pretty. Sometimes when I go out on a date night or to church, I want to go a more fashionable route and wear a watch as an accessory to my outfit, but the watches I wear to work just don’t cut it. So when I saw Jord wood watches, I fell in love right away with their style- each one is a high quality … …..

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Fresh Produce Review–Malibu Maxi Dress

I’m not your typical woman.  I don’t typically enjoy shopping because usually I can’t find anything that fits my taste, style, and budget.  Well I am excited to announce that has all changed with my discovery of Fresh Produce!  Before I tell you all about the gorgeous dress I received to try out I want to share a bit about the company. Fresh Produce brand is known for its original prints, vibrant color and stylish, comfortable clothing, all designed and created by CEO, Mary Ellen Vernon.   For nearly three decades, Fresh Produce has delighted women with beautiful clothing that is … …..

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Swim Spot Review & Giveaway

One of the hardest tasks for most woman is picking out a bathing suit and this task becomes even more daunting after you have become a mom.  No matter what you do your body isn’t going to go back to prebaby shape and if yours does….. well I just don’t like you, hehe.  But seriously picking out a bathing suit can be an emotional almost traumatizing experience, but it should be fun!!  That’s why I want to tell you about a great Women’s swimwear website – Swim Spot. SwimSpot is the #1 online swimwear boutique that features designer women’s swimwear … …..

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80sTees.com Review

It’s hard to believe the girls birthdays are only three days away!!  I’ve been busy doing last minute purchases and arrangements.  Friday I will do the decorating at my parents house – that’s where we are having the party at and Saturday will be the big day.   When we decided to do a Sesame Street themed birthday party I thought it would be fun for Dustin and I to wear Sesame Street t-shirts – well that took a little bit of convincing to get Dustin to agree, but he finally did.  After a little web searching I came across 80sTees.com … …..

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Nacho Mama Tees Review & Giveaway

Well only one person could win the Costume Squad giveaway so if that person wasn’t you please don’t be sad.  Here is another awesome t-shirt review and giveaway – this time from Nacho Mama Tees.  The same company that owns Crazy Dog and Costume Squad also owns Nacho Mama so that alone tells you these are gonna be some hilariously awesome t-shirts.  There are so many shirts on the Nacho Mama website that absolutely cracked me up that I had a hard time deciding which one I wanted.  If you want a funny t shirt, vintage t shirt, 80s t … …..

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Costume Squad Review & Giveaway {CLOSED}

Don’t be sad if you didn’t win the Crazy Dog T-Shirt giveaway because I have another awesome t-shirt giveaway for you!  Crazy Dog also owns Costume Squad and you can find absolutely hilarious shirts there too.  Since Dustin got to pick out a shirt from Crazy Dog I decided it was my turn to pick an awesome shirt from Costume Squad.  If you haven’t heard of Costume Squad you definitely need to check them out.  You can find just about any t-shirt imaginable there.  Want a funny t shirt, vintage t shirt, 80s t shirt, custom t shirt?  They got … …..

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Crazy Dog T-Shirt Review & Giveaway

I am a big fan of dressing for comfort.  My favorite outfits consist of sweat pants and soft worn in t-shirts.  If I have to I will put on a pair of jeans, but only if I really have to.  Dustin also loves t-shirts and so when I had the opportunity to do a review for Crazy Dog T-Shirts I thought I would let him in on my blog fun.  If you haven’t heard of Crazy Dog T-Shirts you really need to check them out.  They have a t-shirt for everyone whether you’re in the market for funny t shirts, … …..

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