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Bella Gravida – Revolutionizing the Maternity Wardrobe

I participated in a Blog Blast Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Bella Gravida. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation. Recently I have received exciting news that quite a few people very close to me are pregnant!  One of those lovely ladies is my sister-in-law who is pregnant with her first and I am over the moon excited for her.  With all these exciting announcements I thought there’s no better time than the present to impart some of my pregnancy wisdom.  I have done this four times after all, hehe.  And so today we … …..

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Loving Moments by Leading Lady: Comfy, Attractive, Affordable Nursing Bras Giveaway

The better part of the past five years of my life I have had a little nursling by my side.  In those five years I have struggled to find nursing bras that are not only comfortable and attractive, but also affordable.  I’ll be the first to admit that I prefer to spend money on my kids – especially when it comes to clothing.  I tend to stick to sale items or very reasonably priced clothing when it comes to purchasing things for myself.  But the fact of the matter is nursing bras are a necessity which is why I was … …..

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2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Seraphine Maternity & Nursing Review & $75 Gift Card Giveaway

It seems for roughly the past 5 years I have either been pregnant or breastfeeding with just a few off months.  Having stylish outfits that make pregnancy more comfortable and nursing easier has definitely made life easier and helped me to feel good about my appearance.  One company that I absolutely adore is Seraphine Maternity because they have lots of fashionable tops that double as maternity and nursing so I am able to get lots of wear out of them – especially since I have nursed my kiddos until they were at least one year old.  I definitely recommend checking … …..

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[bump] Maternity Wear Review & Giveaway

I really am having a hard time believing that this pregnancy is so close to being over… it’s really bitter sweet.  But before little Willow arrives I have one more awesome company to tell you about that makes absolutely adorable shirts for your [bump] and beyond.  I received two of these shirts to try out and just love them! [bump] babies started out the day Renae Plant found out she was pregnant.  She struggled in those first months with the feelings of “do I look pregnant or like I lost my gym membership” and so she decided to do something … …..

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SweetPea Maternity Review & Giveaway

It is quite obvious that I am very pregnant, hehe.  I can no longer pull of non-maternity clothing and trust me I have tried and all those shirts have left my belly hanging out for the world to see, hehe.  But as most moms to be already know maternity clothing can be expensive!  I really hate to spend a ton of money on items that I will only be wearing a few short months.  Oh and don’t make the mistake of thinking “well I can wear this again during my next pregnancy” because chances are that just isn’t gonna happen.  … …..

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Trendy Maternity Clothing? Check Out

I love shopping online and am always super excited to find a new website that features things that are totally my style.  And of course I want to share those finds with my awesome readers which is why I want to tell you about Figleaves – the ultimate online destination for lingerie, underwear, loungewear, clothing, swimwear, nightwear and shapewear – for men and women.  But what I was most excited about was to find that they also carry maternity and nursing clothing!  Around here there is only one store completely dedicated to maternity wear and other department stores sometimes have … …..

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Fly Belly Maternity Review & Giveaway

I am at the point in this pregnancy with Baby Girl that I can’t fit into regular clothes anymore…. my belly is just a tad too big and so I need cute trendy maternity clothes.  These maternity clothes also need to be reasonably priced – after all I will only be wearing them for roughly the next 20 weeks.  This is why I was so excited to find Fly Belly – Fly Maternity wear for Trendy Tummies. First I want to tell you a bit about the woman behind Fly Belly – Liz!  Liz runs the entire show at Fly … …..

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A Blogtastic Extravaganza: Gladditudes Sponsor Spotlight

Sponsor Spotlight: Gladditudes Prize:  any 1 shirt Value: $25 – $30 Sometimes you just want a shirt that makes you laugh or puts a smile on someone else’s face.  I’m a big fan of silly shirts and Gladditudes has plenty to choose from including regular t-shirts, maternity, dad to be, and baby onesies!  I’m sure you will get a laugh out of these shirts too. I chose the Baby Skeleton (no rib cage) Women’s Maternity shirt.  You can even get one with a bow on it’s head if you know you are having a little girl!  The shirt is a … …..

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A Blogtastic Extravaganza: Milan Maternity Sponsor Spotlight

Sponsor Spotlight: Milan Maternity Prize:  any 1 top Value: $32 – $39 Right now I can’t get enough of cute, trendy maternity clothes….. but I know that I shouldn’t spend an arm and leg on these pieces because it’s only a short time that I will be wearing them.  Especially since this is my last pregnancy.  Luckily I have found lots of great websites that specialize in affordable maternity clothes!  One of those is Milan Maternity. At Milan Maternity they realize that every woman deserves to have an awesome maternity wardrobe to make them feel special for those nine months, … …..

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A Blogtastic Extravaganza: Kiki’s Fashions Sponsor Spotlight

Sponsor Spotlight: Kiki’s Fashions Prize:  gift certificate Value: $25 I love wearing cute maternity clothing but it’s definitely not in the budget to spend tons of money on items that will only fit for about 9 months.  And the idea of “Oh I can wear that during my next pregnancy too”…. ya, doesn’t work out so much.  Each pregnancy I have been in a different size because even if you get back to the same weight your body shape has changed – at least for me.  This is why I was happy to learn about Kiki’s Fashions and I am … …..

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