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Babywear the Safe Way with Boba

I’m a Boba Ambassador. I participate in Boba events and online conversations, and receive thank you gifts for my participation, but all opinions and experiences expressed are my own. Babywearing is becoming ever more popular, and for good reason too! What was once seen as a hippie dippie practice has now become much more mainstream as the incredible benefits of babywearing have been brought to light in recent years. One awesome company, Boba, is a driving factor in the growing babywearing lifestyle. Babywearing is an amazing opportunity to create a firm bond and attachment with your baby, all while carrying … …..

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Mama Harper is an Official Boba Ambassador! {Plus a NEW Boba Carrier Release}

It’s no secret that I love baby wearing.  I love that big grin Willow gets on her face when she sees me buckle one of my Boba carriers around me waist.  And of course I share an overload of pictures of her enjoying the ride as well.  We baby wear to bond.  We baby wear to breastfeed on the go.  We baby wear to cure the grumps.  We baby wear for all the snuggles.  We baby wear to grocery shop.  We baby wear to keep up with the big sisters.  And best of all we baby wear just because we … …..

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One is All You Need with the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One {Review & Giveaway}

When I found out I was pregnant for the first time after infertility issues, I was so thrilled at the thought of being a mommy. I was in love with everything “baby,” and I constantly scoured the lists of “must-have” items, top registry lists, and other baby equipment. Of course a stroller was on every list, and my husband and I spent a whole day registering for items to go with our new stroller we had picked out. When it came time for my baby shower, I of course got the stroller along with the travel system, just as I … …..

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Protect Your Boba Carrier 3G! Stuff Sack & Teething Pads Review

I am a huge advocate for baby wearing and my favorite baby carrier by far is my Boba Carrier 3G. I use it when going for walks, grocery shopping, attending events like Disney on Ice – basically any time that I want my little one close to me but also need two hands free.  And with a two and four year old that is literally all the time. Over the past few years that I have been baby wearing I have learned this… good baby carriers that properly support baby and are comfortable for both mom and baby for extended … …..

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2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Boba Carrier 3G Review & Giveaway

If you’ve been hanging out here at Happenings of the Harper Household for any length of time then you know I am a huge advocate for baby wearing.  If we’re out and about I would estimate Willow is in a carrier or wrap of some sort a least 90% of the time if not more.  Back in April I featured the Boba Wrap during the Spring Fever blogging event which quickly became my favorite wrap.  Since I loved it so much I just had to give the Boba Carrier 3G a try and guess what?  I love it just as … …..

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Joovy BabaSling Lite Review

I absolutely love baby wearing. Love love love it.  You just can’t beat that snuggling that you would other wise miss out on if your little one was strapped in their infant car seat or riding in a stroller.  Not to mention I have very rarely seen a baby that is being worn in a baby carrier fuss or cry – but in a stroller or infant car seat…. all the time.  And that is why I have always worn my girls if I take them grocery shopping – it drives me nutso to hear crying babies in the grocery … …..

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Spring Fever Sponsor Spotlight: Boba

I am very excited to tell you about another sponsor for the Ultimate Breastfeeding Prize Pack – Boba!  I am a huge fan of Boba and have been for quite some time.  If you have been with me for the long haul you might remember my review of the Boba Carrier!  I use my Boba Carrier all the time and so when I was given the opportunity to try out the Boba Wrap I was ecstatic.  Since I wasn’t sure of what was baking in my tummy when I chose the color for my wrap I went with orange and … …..

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A Blogtastic Extravaganza: From Blessing Hands Spotlight

I love baby wearing….. or well I suppose now it would be called toddler wearing.  Sugar has recently started toddling around, but she is still very wobbly and definitely not ready to walk by herself when we are out and about.  I love the closeness that baby/toddler wearing allows.  So many adorable expressions, light touches, and giggles I would have missed had Sugar been strapped into a stroller.  Since I love baby wearing so much one would expect I have tried out just about every type of carrier available, but the truth is I hadn’t tried out a ring sling!  … …..

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Infantino Union Ergonomic Carrier Review & Giveaway

Dilly and Sugar both got to enjoy the benefits of mama being an Infantino Test & Tell Mom this time!  I was very excited when I received the Infantino Union Ergonomic Carrier to test out.  I wanna ask you guys something though…. if you are a baby/toddler wearing mama when people see you do they ever say things like “Gosh – kids have it so easy – I wish someone would carry me around!”  I hate these awkward mini conversations – I usually just smile, nod, and give them a little chuckle so they think they were funny.  Anyhow – … …..

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Boba Carrier Review

Those of you that have been hanging around for a while know that I’m one of “those” moms…. you know – the cloth diapering, breast feeding, baby wearing moms.  And if you’re new here now you know too, hehe!  I absolutely love wearing my kiddos and enjoying that closeness.  This past summer I would go on a few mile walk almost daily during which I would wear Sugar and push Dilly and the little boy I used to babysit in a double stroller.  I could make it through the walk with my old carrier, but oh how my shoulders and … …..

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