Double Strollers

Introducing the Joovy Too Qool – The Qoolest Double Stroller

When people realize my kiddos all have two year age gaps between them I get all sorts of crazy comments, but I absolutely love the spacing we have chose.  Just a few reasons include they have built-in playmates that they get along with the majority of the time and clothing can be passed down before it goes out of style.  Then there are other things that sometimes can be a little tough with them all so close together in age.  For example taking them all out in public by myself for activities like going to the zoo or even a … …..

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Contours Optima Tandem Stroller Review & Giveaway

In my house an awesome double stroller is a definite necessity.  When Willow arrives Alleigh will be about 4 and a half so she is big enough to pretty much walk everywhere, but my little Kaelyn will only be two and a half so when we are walking long distances her little legs just aren’t up to it yet.  Now when it comes to strollers I definitely know what I like and it’s a bit hard to impress me…. but the double stroller we just tried out not only impressed me, but the hubby too!  We both love it. And … …..

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Zooper Tango Review

Everyone knows I am a big fan of baby wearing – and if you didn’t now you do, hehe…. BUT Sugar is getting huge.  Seriously at her last doctors appointment her pediatrician described her as being “average height, chunky, with a melon head” – of course this was said lovingly, our pediatrician is the best!  Anyhow… she is a chunk and even the best carriers will not do for long lengths of time and so an amazing stroller is a must.  Since Dilly is still rather teeny and I prefer for her to be contained when out in public a … …..

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