Joovy Big Caboose Stand On Triple Stroller Review

I am a momma that doesn’t like to be trapped at home when the hubby is at work.  I prefer to be out and about with my kiddos at the park, local swimming pool, or anywhere really.  But with another lil one on the way I realized I needed a stroller that would accommodate three children because even though Alleigh is four years old there are still times that she doesn’t want to walk constantly especially at places that require lots of walking – like the zoo – and instead of hearing whining I would much rather her have a … …..

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Zooper Bolero {single stroller} Review & a giveaway too.

If you have ever heard someone say that all strollers are the same I have two things to say.  Number one – they are wrong, hehe.  And number two – they have never used a Zooper stroller.  I have used many strollers…. more than my hubby would probably like and I know an awesome stroller when I see one.  I absolutely love our Zooper Tango which is Zooper’s double side by side stroller and wondered what I would think of one of their single strollers.  Then I got the chance to find out! When the Zooper Bolero arrived in Canyon … …..

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Mutsy Transporter Review

It’s safe to say I have a bit of a stroller addiction.  Some women like shoes or purses….I like strollers.  That being said it takes a lot to impress me and just because I love strollers does not mean I love all strollers.  However, the stroller I am going to tell you about today…. ya I’m pretty much in love with it, hehe.  Am I driving you crazy yet?  Wanna know what stroller it is?  The Mutsy Transporter! When the Mutsy Transporter arrived at our home it was very simple to put together.  The seven pieces below snapped together with … …..

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Zooper Tango Review

Everyone knows I am a big fan of baby wearing – and if you didn’t now you do, hehe…. BUT Sugar is getting huge.  Seriously at her last doctors appointment her pediatrician described her as being “average height, chunky, with a melon head” – of course this was said lovingly, our pediatrician is the best!  Anyhow… she is a chunk and even the best carriers will not do for long lengths of time and so an amazing stroller is a must.  Since Dilly is still rather teeny and I prefer for her to be contained when out in public a … …..

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