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DANO Teething Toys Review & Giveaway

I don’t want to worry that the toy I give my baby to play with might be made of materials that can be harmful to them, especially since almost everything goes in their mouth.  Playing shouldn’t be full of worry – it should be full of fun.  And that is why I want to tell you about DANO and their baby teething toys. Sugar must of felt like one lucky baby when her box of DANO teething toys arrived.  She received the DANO Ducki, Circus Teethers, and BugBite.  The Ducki lives in the bathtub while the Circus Teethers and BugBite … …..

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Hevea Pond Bath Toys Review

Wanna know something that drives me crazy?  The fact that like 99.9% of bath toys sold have some way for water to remain trapped inside.  What happens when water is trapped in an object? MOLD.  MILDEW.  GRIME.  All of that is absolutely disgusting.  I definitely don’t want my children playing with moldy gross toys and I’m sure you don’t want yours to either.  Well that is why I am excited to tell you about Hevea’s new line of bath toys. Dilly and Sugar received a set of Hevea Pond Bath Toys to try out.  Each set comes with a duck, … …..

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