Woombie Eco’Toddler Donut Review

Many moms (and dads too) are familiar with Woombie and their amazing baby swaddle which was designed by a RN & Certified Infant Care Specialist to provide the safest and most comfortable swaddle for your baby, but did you know Woombie also makes some other awesome products as well? One of those products is the Eco’Toddler Donut which Dilly, Sugar, and Bee (the lil boy I babysit) had the pleasure of trying out. The Eco’Toddler Donut is recommended for children ages two to six years – there is a smaller version for those under two years old.  It measures 40” … …..

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Taggy Baby Blankets & More Review

Time sure flies around here, but remember a few months back when I celebrated reaching 2,222 fans on facebook with a fun giveaway sponsored by various fan pages?  Well one of those awesome sponsors was Ashley Moore who  runs the page “Taggy Baby Blankets & More.” Ashley is a married stay at home mom who just loves to sew.  In the spare time she gets – which isn’t much, she is a mom after all – Ashley loves to spend time at the fabric store pouring over new ideas for dresses and things for her daughter as well as capes … …..

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*NEW* HALO Safe Sleep Crib Set & a giveaway too.

One of the most important things for a new parent to know, in my opinion, is how to make a safe sleeping environment for their newborn.  Just because stores sell elaborate crib sets for astronomical prices does not mean that your child needs one and does not mean they are safe.  In fact one item that the vast majority of crib sets come with is one of the leading causes of SIDS – crib bumpers.  I literally cringe when I look over a baby registry and see crib bumpers or a crib set listed.  My stomach gets in knots when … …..

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Gift Guide: aden+anais dream blanket Review & Giveaway

Many people are familiar with aden+anais swaddling blankets which is what originally sparked founder Raegan Moya-Jones to form the company.  As a young woman growing up in Australia Raegan was introduced to many traditional practices of motherhood. One of them in particular– swaddling babies in generously sized, gentle muslin sheets– amazed her. Even the fussiest babies seemed to sleep more peacefully in muslin. Despite the hot days and the cold nights, muslin swaddles helped keep babies comfortable. And, most importantly, the very act of swaddling seemed to build a bond between mothers and their babies.  After launching the aden+anais swaddling … …..

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Bungalow Transformation: Sheet World Review

It’s always nice to have extra crib sheets around as back up.  You never know when a diaper might leak or even explode – you know you’ve been there!  Or your precious little one gets sick…. that’s the worst.  But you get my point – it’s a good idea to have some extra crib sheets!  I don’t like plain sheets for Dilly and Sugar’s crib mattresses.  Here’s my thought process.  When their babies and the only thing that is supposed to be in the crib is a fitted crib sheet why not have one that is super cute?  Well I … …..

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Bungalow Transformation: Sweet Bobbins Review & Giveaway

When Dilly requested that her new room be orange I agreed that her curtains, wall decor, and bedding could be orange.  I thought it would be fun to have custom crib sheets as well as a custom crib skirt made for their new room that incorporated both the orange and pink.  Of course I knew exactly where to go for these custom items – Sweet Bobbins!  Soon after starting my blog I reviewed a Sweet Bobbins wet bag made by Angela and her hubby Michael who is better known as “The Snap-King,” hehe.  I absolutely love that wet bag and … …..

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Bungalow Transformation: BreathableBaby Bumpers Review & Giveaway

Sleep safety is a huge concern for me – after all when babies are little they sleep more than they are awake, so shouldn’t their crib be the safest place possible for them?  I literally cringe when I walk past all the crib bedding sets that are sold in stores or see a picture of a baby’s nursery with traditional crib bumpers.  For the most part I think it is lack of knowledge that is contributing to parents continuing to purchase traditional crib bumpers.  What these parents don’t realize is that traditional crib bumpers pose serious safety risks to their … …..

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Bungalow Transformation: Carousel Designs Crib Blanket Review & Giveaway

Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a high quality solid orange crib blanket?  Well it is very hard!  After searching and searching I finally found exactly what I was looking for at Carousel Designs.  Carousel Designs was founded over 23 years ago by two young military dads!  Their company is known for providing beautifully designed crib bedding made of high quality fabric.  All of the Carousel Designs products including baby bedding, mini crib bedding, cradle bedding, toddler, twin & full/queen bedding, crib sheets, coordinating nursery décor including curtains & valances, rocking chair & high chair … …..

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Fresh 1 Blankies Review & Giveaway

So many times I have stumbled across postings on facebook and even on craigslist with a picture of a baby blanket and a caption reading something like “Do you know where I can buy/find this exact blanket?”  Usually it is because a child has become attached to a specific blankie and somehow it has gotten misplaced or left behind or it is simply falling apart from so much wear and tear.  What if you could have 4 of the exact same blankie at an affordable price so this wouldn’t even have to be a concern?  Well thanks to WAHM Jessica … …..

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A Blogtastic Extravaganza – Spotlight Post: My Precious Kid

Have you heard of the website “My Precious Kid“?  Well if you haven’t I am going to tell you all about it and if you have then you already know it’s a website full of amazing safety products and baby gear.  Kay Green is the founder of MyPreciousKid.com which she began out of her home in May of 2001 after the adoption of her fourth child.  At that point Kay was selling one product and now carries more than 800 products!    The product that started it all was the “My Precious Kid ID Card” which was created out of necessity.  … …..

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