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Pink Lining – #1 UK Diaper Bags Debut in the US! Poppins Bag Review & Giveaway

I love diaper bags.  Dustin might call it an addiction.  But I seriously can’t get enough of them.  It’s basically a purse for a mom and that means different colors, sizes, and shapes are necessary for different situations.  Would you carry a sparkly clutch to the super market?  Most likely not.  It’s basically the same concept for diaper bags – hence the reason I need so many, hehe.  That’s also the reason I will never pass up the opportunity to feature a diaper bag here at Happenings of the Harper Household.  And so when I was approached by Pink Lining … …..

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2012 Holiday Gift Guide: DadGear Messenger Bag Review–For Dads, By Dads!

It’s no secret that I love diaper bags and have a rather large selection to choose from when getting ready to head out for the day, but what I didn’t have was a guy friendly diaper bag.  There are many times when Dustin takes Alleigh and Kaelyn places without me and needs a bag to toss some pull-ups, change of clothes, sippy cups, and other necessities into but none of my bags were cutting it for him.  And well I can’t blame him since most of my diaper bags either look like purses or have a floral pattern, hehe.  Then … …..

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2012 Holiday Gift Guide: JJ Cole Collections Satchel Bag Review & Giveaway

Before I became a mom I had way too many purses and naturally that addiction turned to diaper bags.  And so for nearly the past five years I have used so many diaper bags, but they all had one thing in common – they were obviously diaper bags.  I had really been wanting to find a bag that was big enough to hold everything I need for my girls in an organized manner, but had more of a “purse” look and I finally found it at JJ Cole Collections. JJ Cole Collections has a great selection of diaper bags to … …..

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Car•go Handbag Hooks Review

Imagine you are driving down the road with your purse or diaper bag on the passenger seat beside you.  All of a sudden you have to make a sudden stop.  Everyone knows what happens then…. the purse or diaper bag goes flying onto the floor spilling the contents everywhere and perhaps a not so nice word or two escapes from your lips.  Wouldn’t it be nice if that whole incident could be avoided?  Well it can be with Car•go Handbag Hooks! Not only will the Car•go Handbag Hook secure your bag from toppling over, but it also adds a bit … …..

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Vera Bradley Crossbody Baby Bag Review

I may have just a slight addiction for bags…. whether they be totes, diaper bags, purses…. you get the picture.  Well I suppose my hubby would call it a full blown addiction, but he’s not writing this post now is he! Hehe.  I have tried out many diaper bags in the past four years, but I have to say when I first saw the Vera Bradley Crossbody Baby Bag I think my jaw hit the floor.  Gosh, I just love Vera Bradley. Now most women are familiar with the oh so gorgeous Vera Bradley bags, but did you know how … …..

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Maranda Lee: The Original Hot Mama Handbags Review & Giveaway

Many women have shoe and purse addictions…. but one thing they don’t tell you when you have a baby is that you may become addicted to diaper bags.  You don’t know how many times I have heard my hubby ask why I need so many diaper bags.  But let me tell you…. I will never have enough!!  But I don’t want a diaper bag that looks like everyone else’s diaper bag, nah I am too original and unique for that.  And so when I found Maranda Lee I fell in love.  Literally.  Her bags are so beautiful.  I know you … …..

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Willvin Diaper Bag Giveaway

Remember that post I wrote about the amazing Willvin of Sweden diaper bag?  At the end I told a lil secret that there just might be a giveaway coming too…. and the time has come!  I have a feeling I could write a bunch of gobbledy gook here because most of you have already scrolled down to the giveaway instructions, but I won’t. Hehe. I just want to touch on the features of the Willvin Diaper Bag again that I absolutely love the most.  Stroller Straps – In my opinion these are genius!  They let you attach the diaper bag … …..

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Willvin Diaper Bag Review

Before I had kids my addiction was purses – I could never have enough purses.  Most women know you need different purses for all sorts of reasons.  Different colors for different seasons.  Different sizes for different situations.  Well once I had kids that addiction switched over to diaper bags.  I no longer carry purses, I see no reason to be carrying two bags with me everywhere I go.  For that reason my diaper bag must also function as a purse.  Since I am a self diagnosed diaper bag addict of course I was thrilled when I received an e-mail from … …..

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CSN Review – Kalencom Diaper Bag

CSN Stores is pretty much a-m-a-z-i-n-g!  With over 200 stores a click away you can find anything and everything you could ever need or want there.  From a Rocking Dinosaur (think rocking horse, but way cooler!) to a Rooster Table Lamp they truly have everything and almost everything has free shipping.  I was given the opportunity to review any item I wanted and CSN would apply $35 towards the purchase price.  After looking and looking and looking I finally settled on a diaper bag.  The whole CSN shopping experience was incredibly easy.  From browsing through the items, putting my item … …..

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