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Merry Fluffy Christmas: u.p.Bags Spotlight

Sponsor: u.p.Bags Prize: Park Pack u.p.Bag Value: $12.00 Review: Day Pack u.p.Bag So for the past few days I have been telling you all about some really awesome diapers, but what happens once your adorable little one has dirtied those super cute diapers?  Well then you need a wet bag of course!  And today I get to introduce you to an awesome work at home mom who specializes in wet bags of all sizes… Becky founded u.p.Bags in June of 2011 where she makes handy waterproof bags that are designed to keep your messes cleaned “u.p.”  We obviously use our … …..

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A Blogtastic Extravaganza: Mom 4 Life Spotlight

I have noticed that the best products for babies/toddlers/young children tend to be made my moms – who better to invent them, right?  Well what if there was a website that specialized in mom invented products?  Guess what – there is!  I’d like to tell you about a really neat website – Mom 4 Life.  Heather Ledeboer is the owner and creator of this awesome website.  I thought it would be nice to let her introduce herself to all my awesome readers….   So what exactly makes Mom 4 Life different than all the other baby/toddler product websites?  I absolutely … …..

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Kissaluvs Wet Bag Review & Giveaway

One cloth diapering accessory that I absolutely can not do without is the wet bag.  I am an all the time cloth diapering momma which means that we cloth diaper when we leave the house – gasp – hehe.  This calls for a wet bag, other wise where will you put those stinky wet diapers?  And I have a bit of a problem…. wet bags are just as addicting as cloth diapers – so many cute ones and no real “need” for an abundance of them, but definitely a “want.”  So needless to say I was overly excited to have … …..

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GoGreen – Wet/Dry Bag & Cloth Wipes – Review & Giveaway {CLOSED}

Remember when I wrote a review on the GoGreen Pocket Diaper??  I absolutely love those diapers!  So many super cute prints and the prices – the prices are AMAZING.  Well just when you think a good thing couldn’t get any better – it does!  Not only can you get cloth diapers at amazing prices from GoGreen, but you can also get wet/dry bags and cloth wipes.  I was super excited when Leah, the WAHM behind GoGreen, offered to have me review the GoGreen wet/dry bag and cloth wipes.  I figured based on how much I loved the diapers I was … …..

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Kat’s Kreations Review & Giveaway {CLOSED}

It’s been a lil while since I featured a WAHM and I think it’s about time!  I really don’t remember exactly how I find Kat’s Kreations on facebook, but I sure am glad I found her.  And once you see some of the awesome things she makes you will be glad I introduced her to you as well! Kat’s Kreations are inspired by her children!  When she was having difficulties finding items to fit her children properly she decided to develop her own patterns instead.  By looking at her items you would never guess she has only been using a … …..

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Rockin’ Green Soap Review & Giveaway {CLOSED}

I have mentioned a few times about how super sensitive my girls skin is in some previous blog posts.  It seems like the slightest thing will give them a rash or dry their skin out.  For this reason we have always used Dreft or Tide Free & Clear for all of our laundry needs.  I realized that when we made the switch to cloth diapers that I would need to use something different – I didn’t want to be stripping my diapers all the time.  And that is when I found Rockin’ Green Soap.  I am proud to say that … …..

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Sweet Bobbins Wet Bag Review & Giveaway {CLOSED}

It seems one of the most common questions I get when I tell people that I have switched to cloth diapers is… “What do you do with the diapers and poop when your not at home?”  I have two words for them: wet bag!  If you’re not familiar with the wet bag basically it is a waterproof bag that is used to hold dirty diapers with common closures being drawstrings, zippers, or hook & loop tape.  But you can use a wet bag for much more than dirty diapers.  Their great for taking to the pool to transport wet bathing … …..

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