Thirsties Duo All In One Diaper Review & Giveaway

A few weeks before Willow arrived I asked my readers if they were interested in hearing about some cloth diapers when it comes to a newborn.  Well of course that question got a big yes and today I am bringing you Willow’s first cloth diaper review.  I am a big fan of Thirsties cloth diapers – in fact I’ve featured the Duo Diaper as well as Duo Fab Fitted and wrap here on the blog.  And today I am going to talk about the Duo All In One in size 1 which fits from approximately 6-18 pounds.  Willow was born … …..

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GoGreen For Baby – GoGreen Champ 3.0 Prize Pack Giveaway

Welcome to our GoGreen for Baby Event! This event is hosted by Mama’s Baby Cupcakes co-hosted by Mommy’s Favorite Things and then our contributing bloggers The Not So Secret Confessions of a First Time Mom Tales From the Nursery Daily Mothering The Reynolds Mom So Easy Being Green Happenings of the Harper Household A Year with Mom and Dad Fabulous Finds by a November Girl. Up for grabs is a great package deal from GoGreen Pocket Diapers in celebration of the release for the new Champ 3.0 Pocket Diapers While the new Champ 3.0 looks like their current 2.0 diapers, … …..

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Fluffy Butts Sponsor Spotlight: Bummis

Fluffy Butts Sponsor Spotlight Sponsor:  Bummis Prize:  Swimmi & Tankini Value:  approx. $28 Summer time is finally here – yay!!  That means it’s time for swimming and lots of it.  Trust me being pregnant it feels so nice to be almost weightless in the water.  So Alleigh and Kaelyn are both taking swim lessons every Friday morning, we fill up the kiddie pool in the back yard quite often, and also head to the local swimming pools at least once or more a week.  Thankfully Alleigh is now 100% potty trained, but I still needed a swim diaper solution for … …..

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Fluffy Butts Sponsor Spotlight: The Willow Store

Fluffy Butts Sponsor Spotlight Sponsor:  The Willow Store Prize:  Organic Super Saver Starter Kit Value:  $33.75 Well it is quite obvious that I love the name of this store, but there is so much more to it than just that.  The Willow Store was created and founded by Catherine Bolden in 2005 to share her dedication and respect for out earth, for our children, and our reusable future.  She noticed that the vast majority of people had seemed to have forgotten our future and were depending on single use materials that can not be returned to the earth.  These habits … …..

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GroVia My Choice Trainer Giveaway

Dilly could truly care less about potty learning…. she will pee on the potty, but has no desire whatsoever to poop anywhere but in her pants.  Sugar on the other hand seriously impressed us last week when she started asking to use the potty.  She would run to the bathroom door and yell “POTTY!”  But what was even more impressive was when she successfully peed and pooped on the potty.  However, since Sugar is completely cloth diapered taking them on and off constantly has become quite a hassle.  I can’t use any Velcro diapers on her because she knows how … …..

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Merry Fluffy Christmas: BabyKicks Spotlight

Sponsor: BabyKicks Prize: 3g Pocket Diaper Value: $20.50 Review: 3g Pocket Diaper It’s time to tell you about the last diaper in the Merry Fluffy Christmas prize pack!  This one is a bit different than the other diapers I have shared with you over the past few days since it is a side snapping diaper, but different in a good way.  And so let’s talk about Baby Kicks… A bit about the company… Located in Maryland BabyKicks is a family owned and operated business.  Since their beginning in October 2000 they have been dedicated to designing and making modern cloth … …..

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Merry Fluffy Christmas: Mud Butt Cloth Diapers Spotlight

Sponsor: Mud Butt Cloth Diapers Prize: $15 Gift Card Value: $15.00 Review: Custom AI2 When I first started cloth diapering one of the facebook pages I happened upon was Mud Butt Cloth Diapers which Carrie founded in June of 2010, when Sugar was only two months old!  I loved that she was always posting progress pictures of the diapers she makes and I was constantly ooohing and ahhhing over all the pretty fabrics.  And so I was super excited when Carried asked if I would like to review one of her awesome diapers – of course I said yes! On … …..

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Merry Fluffy Christmas: GoGreen Pocket Diapers Spotlight

Sponsor: GoGreen Pocket Diapers Prize: Champ and Adapt-a-Snap Value: $21.00 Review: Champ and Adapt-a-Snap GoGreen Pocket Diapers was one of the first diapers I ever used on Sugar and still continue to use.  In fact I liked them so much I bought a bundle of them soon after my first review because with their amazing prices I was able to grow my stash at a reasonable price.  Before I start into this review of one of their newest products I wanted to share a timeline of Sugar rockin her GoGreen Diapers. If you’re not familiar with GoGreen Pocket Diapers their … …..

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Merry Fluffy Christmas: Mama Hilton’s Handmade Fluff & Stuff Spotlight

Sponsor: Mama Hilton’s Handmade Fluff & Stuff Prize: One Size Pocket Diaper Value: $14.00 Review: One Size Pocket Diaper I am so excited to tell you all about Mama Hilton’s Handmade Fluff & Stuff.  Wanna know why?  Because I want to high school with Mama Hilton (also known as Jessica)!  I was so excited when I found out she was going to have a baby and that he was going to be a fluffy butt.  But I got even more excited when I found out she was sewing her own cloth diapers.  Then I got uber excited when she said … …..

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Merry Fluffy Christmas: Mother-ease Spotlight

Sponsor: Mother-ease Prize: Wizard Duo Cover & Stay Dry Insert Value: $37.50 Review: Wizard Duo Teal Cover & OS Stay Dry Insert I love trying new cloth diapers out on Sugar, especially ones different than anything else I have ever tried.  The Mother-ease diaper I received is just that and I absolutely loved it. The sales of Mother-ease diapers dates back to 1991 as a family business ran out of the Froese basement, however they were not available in the United States until 1995.  Today Mother-ease diapers are available world wide with a wide variety of diapers as well.  Sugar … …..

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