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Dilly could truly care less about potty learning…. she will pee on the potty, but has no desire whatsoever to poop anywhere but in her pants.  Sugar on the other hand seriously impressed us last week when she started asking to use the potty.  She would run to the bathroom door and yell “POTTY!”  But what was even more impressive was when she successfully peed and pooped on the potty.  However, since Sugar is completely cloth diapered taking them on and off constantly has become quite a hassle.  I can’t use any Velcro diapers on her because she knows how … …..

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Kissaluvs Pocket Training Pants Review & Giveaway

So about 6 months or so ago Dilly was doing phenomenal with potty learning.  She was peeing consistently on the potty, but we had yet to master the other half, hehe.  About a month into potty learning she came down with a pretty wicked cold and basically decided she wanted nothing to do with the potty.  And hasn’t since.  Some days she will decide she wants to pee on the potty, but those days are few and far between.  She’s such a smart little girl when it comes to things like letters, numbers, colors, etc which makes me think this … …..

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