Keep Your Little One Safe & Warm with Merino Kids Sleep Bags

The summer months have been so much fun around our house this year.  Sleeping in with the boys has definitely been one of the best parts, but we’ve also had some pretty major changes happen over the break.  Aiden became a kindergartener, our house is now listed for sale, Reese is starting preschool, and Ezra officially moved up from a crib to a toddler bed.  While I’m proud of each one of their accomplishments (and ours… listing and showing a house is some seriously hard work!), all of the changes can really mess with a mother’s emotions!  One of the … …..

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Colic is Tough. Colief Can Help.

No matter how many babies you have there is one thing I can promise… they will all be completely different.  What worked to soothe one could completely throw another into hysterics.  Perhaps one falls asleep and stays asleep with ease while another must be rocked and swaddled.  Maybe you breastfed your first three children with absolutely no problems and your fourth child is having trouble gaining weight.  That was me.  I vividly remember taking Lilah to The Breastfeeding Center at one month old to weigh her.  I remember staring at the scale when the numbers appeared not being able to … …..

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WaterWipes – The World’s Purest Baby Wipe

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for WaterWipes. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation. If you’ve been following along on Instagram it’s pretty obvious I prefer to use cloth diapers.  One of the big reasons for this is that I don’t want to put unnecessary chemicals against my children’s most sensitive body parts.  And even though I have no problem with washing the diapers I have never been able to bring myself to use cloth wipes.  For this reason I’ve been … …..

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Little Remedies – Natural, Effective Relief For Tiny Tummies

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Little Remedies. I received a product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation. Today I want to talk about stomach pains… I know that when my belly feels upset or I’m dealing with excess gas {we’ve all been there} I want to do whatever I can to feel better fast.  I am sure the little ones in our lives feel the same way, but instead of using words to explain how they’re feeling we are met with fussiness, tears, and … …..

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Our Boys Have Been #HaloFromTheStart Babies!

Ever since my husband and I were expecting our first baby, safe sleep is something that we have heard a lot about.  I was fortunate enough to have friends with younger babies who talked a lot about safe sleep, and an amazing birthing educator who also gave us some incredible tips for keeping my sweet little baby safe while sleeping.  One thing that we heard over and over is that babies sleep better when swaddled, and that HALO SleepSacks were an absolute must for us to have.  So, we made sure to include a few SleepSack Swaddles on our baby … …..

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Keeping My Family Totally Taken Care Of From Head to Toe

Tonight we enjoyed a fun evening at the drive-in watching Inside Out with some close friends and their children.  Before the movie began Angela and I were taking pictures of the kids – documenting their night at the drive-in together.  Capturing all those pearly white smiles.  And it got me to thinking that during the summer our days are filled with fun activities and not much routine compared to the school year.  And while I love not being obligated to have everyone dressed and out the door by the crack of dawn in the morning some routines are still very … …..

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Monitor What Matters Most with a Motorola Video Baby Monitor {Plus Wi-Fi Internet Viewing}

Now that summer is here we are spending a lot more time outside.  Lilah has been enjoying rolling in the grass and feeling the water in the kiddie pool with her toes.  However, she also still needs to be inside quite a bit like when she is napping or when the mosquitos start biting.  I prefer to have my eyes on my little ones at all times and so a video baby monitor was a necessity.  Just as luck would have it Motorola recently launched two new digital video baby monitors and asked if I would like to try one … …..

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Our Pampers Easy Ups Potty Learning Party

Now that our backyard is fenced in I absolutely love hosting little gatherings and play dates.  Any excuse for a party is fine by me and so when Pampers asked if I would like to host a potty learning party I jumped at the chance.  When Willow was born nearly three years ago two of my very close friends also brought beautiful little girls into the world within months of each other.  Those three have been close ever since and have now entered the potty learning phase together.  What better way to get them excited about this milestone than to … …..

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Need RESCUEd From Too Much Stress?

Stress is part of every day life.  But it’s important thing to remember that not all stress is bad.  In fact some stress can actually be good.  Perhaps your stressing about a job interview or a first date.  Both of those are very awesome things, but they can still get your stress level rising.  For me as a mom of four little girls every day I find myself stressing about a million different things.  These things can be as simple as if they are eating enough at each meal or if they’ve brushed their teeth.  But then they can also … …..

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Moms Don’t Get Sick Days–Be Prepared with Vicks DayQuil & NyQuil Severe Cold & Flu

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/P&G. I remember a time when catching a cold wasn’t such a bad thing.  I could skip school, call of work, crawl into bed, snuggle deep into my covers, eat some chicken noodle soup, and wait for it to pass while I rested. But one day things changed.  On April 30th 2008 I became a mom.  And guess what.  Moms (and dads) don’t get sick days.  The closest thing we’re going to get to a sick day is convincing our little ones to cuddle up with us on the couch to watch a movie … …..

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