Santa & His Friends Have Arrived at the Build-A-Bear Workshop! {Review & Giveaway}

Before Alleigh was even born Dustin and I began visiting our local Build-A-Bear Workshop to make her adorable stuffed animals for her jungle themed nursery.  Once she was old enough to understand the process she wanted to visit the Build-A-Bear Workshop all the time.  In fact now when we are shopping at the mall it is very hard to get out of there without at least making a visit to browse around the store.  Of course the girls usually can convince us to let them make a new friend… the process is just too much fun. We end up leaving … …..

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Ornaments With Love Review & Giveaway

I am a huge fan of personalized Christmas ornaments.  In fact we have gotten one every year since Dustin and I got married in 2007.  It’s really fun to look at them to see how our family has grown over the past few years.  We would typically buy these ornaments at a little cart in our local mall, but their selection is only so big and I wanted all our ornaments to look different which is what led me to look at options for personalized ornaments online.  And so this year I found “Ornaments With Love” and I am so … …..

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Baby Baubles and More Review & Giveaway

I love preserving memories.  Some day when my kids are grown and have little ones of their own I want to be able to think back to the times when they were toddling around and throwing temper tantrums.  I like having physical objects to remember things by – I like scrapbooking, but sometimes I want something a bit different.  A while back I made a lamp out of an old mason jar that holds all of the rocks Dilly would gather and give to me for safe keeping.  It was a perfect way to preserve that memory.  I was so … …..

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Stockings by SIGnature Creations!

For the past few months I went to craft show after craft show looking for cute Christmas stockings for Dilly & Sugar.  I had bought one for Dilly at a craft show two years ago and wanted something similar, but had absolutely no luck.  Then as I was browsing around on facebook one night Astrid from SIGnature Creations posted a picture of a set of stockings she had just completed for a family… in fact it was this picture. Ok, I was in love with these stockings!!  I knew this was exactly what I wanted for Dilly & Sugar so … …..

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