How to Make a Halloween Ghost From Trash Bags

I love making crafts, but sometimes before I know it I’ve spent a small fortune to make one of my ideas come to fruition.  That’s why I am so excited to share this adorable Halloween decoration I created.  I bet you already have every supply you’ll need somewhere in your home.  In fact the main supply is white 13 gallon kitchen trash bags!   In our home we always have Hefty Ultra Strong Drawstring Trash Bags on hand because I love their exceptional performance and low price.  Heck, I’d even compare their strength to John Cena!  Plus did you know … …..

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Pfister Delivers Filtered Water From the Kitchen Faucet

I feel like my home and vehicle are water bottle wastelands.  I find them on night stands, in diaper bags, on kitchen counter tops, rolling under the seat of my car.  And more often than not they are still half full.  This drives me crazy for so many reasons.  Buying a huge case of water every time I go to the grocery store is such a waste of money.  Not to mention our house is rather small and so this case of water tends to just sit on the kitchen floor taking up valuable space.  Plus there are these facts … …..

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2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Nostalgia Electrics Popcorn Maker Review & Giveaway

Do you know a family that loves to watch movies together?  Or perhaps strings popcorn to decorate their Christmas tree?  Well if you do then I have the perfect gift idea for you.  And here at the Harper Household we do both of those things so this item has been getting lots of use.  Curious what it is?  A Coca-Cola Series Mini Hot Air Popcorn Maker from Nostalgia Electrics! I absolutely love fresh popped popcorn and it gets no fresher than when you have your very own hot air popcorn maker.  I was very excited when we received the Coca-Cola … …..

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Made With Love: Stitchery Giftery Spotlight

Kitchen Decor Prize Pack Sponsor Spotlight: Stitchery Giftery A few days I wrote about the amazing chalkboard frame that is hanging in my kitchen and the rustic handle on it that doubles as a handy towel bar.  Well of course I needed a primitive inspired towel to match my kitchen decor for this handle and that is what led me to Stitchery Giftery on Etsy. Stitchery Giftery is owned by Angela Feenerty who resides in Martins Ferry, Ohio – not too far from me!  Angela has been sewing since the second grade when she made her first pair of gym … …..

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