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10 Reasons to Choose Portrait Innovations

December 25th is right around the corner and it’s time to start sending out Christmas cards.  Have you had the chance to get holiday portraits taken of your family?  Recently I took my girls to Portrait Innovations and was so pleased with the results that today I am going to share 10 reasons why you should choose Portrait Innovations for your next photo session.  Location, Location, Location.  There are over 100 Portrait Innovations studios located across the United States.  There is bound to be a studio near you – in fact we have a couple in our area.  No Sitting … …..

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Hop Into Portrait Innovations for Amazing Spring Specials

Back in February the big girls had “spring” pictures taken at school.  I do love when my girls bring home their fall school pictures which are a more traditional face shot with the school year in the bottom corner.  I always purchase these to document how they grow each year regardless of the goofy smile or messed up hair, hehe.  But these spring pictures didn’t impress me especially with the outrageous price tag attached to them.  And so I sent them back because I knew I could take all of my girls to Portrait Innovations where I knew I would … …..

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‘Tis the Season for Portraits at Portrait Innovations

Christmas will be here before we know it and I admit that I have been starting to panic a bit.  I have literally only purchased 3 gifts so far and don’t have a clue what my two oldest daughters are hoping Santa brings.  Even though I really want to decorate the house I am secretly cringing a bit inside because this year there is a two year old roaming the house – not to mention the cat.  But there is one thing that I have officially checked off my holiday to-do list thanks to Portrait Innovations.  Just last week I … …..

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It’s Not Too Late for Christmas Photos at Portrait Innovations

Have you checked the grandparents off your Christmas shopping list yet?  If you haven’t there’s nothing to worry about because I know exactly what they want and there’s still time to get it in time for the holidays.  All they want is to see the precious mugs of their grandchildren – perhaps their mug on a mug, but more on that later.  And so if you want to capture your little one’s smiling face or even the whole family in time for Christmas gifts there is only one place to go.  Portrait Innovations. A few weeks ago our family was … …..

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Taking Photography to New Heights with the 3DR Solo Drone

Thank you to Best Buy for sponsoring the following post. One of my favorite parts of being a blogger is taking pictures.  I am always trying to improve my skills and add variety to the types of shots I can take.  Well an awesome new product recently arrived at Best Buy that could take my photography and videos to a whole new level.  I’d be able to capture shots from angles that would make you think I sprouted wings and took flight.  I admit fairy wings would be awesome, but this is definitely the next best thing for a photographer. … …..

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Jennifer Madden Photography {Alliance, Ohio} –Grow With Me Program Giveaway

Life changes rapidly.  Babies don’t stay little long.  Those moments need to be captured and preserved.  I take pictures of my girls on a daily basis using my point & shoot camera and smart phone, but I am most definitely not a photographer.  Even if I had a fancy schmancy camera I would still not be a photographer.  So much goes into becoming a successful photographer beyond having the equipment.  So much learning, practicing, editing skills, and much more.  Today I am excited to introduce you to an amazing photographer that never ceases to amaze me with each picture she … …..

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Never Wordless Wednesday: Jennifer Madden Photography

I got the rest of Willow’s pictures in from her session with Jennifer Madden Photography!  These photos were taken at about 32 weeks old. Isn’t her work amazing?  I’m so excited to go back for Willow’s one year photo session.  And I’m also excited because soon I will be posting a giveaway too… which means one of my readers is going to have the experience of having their little one’s pictures taken by Jennifer!  Keep a look out for it.

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Erin Renner Photography

I have some very talented friends.  And recently two of these friends have used their amazing talent to take some beautiful pictures of Dilly & Sugar.  A few weeks ago Mallory Resanovich of Diamonds & Pearls Photography took some amazing pictures of Sugar.  This past weekend Erin Renner of Erin Renner Photography met me at Stadium Park to take some pictures of Dilly and Sugar together.

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