[bump] Maternity Wear Review & Giveaway

I really am having a hard time believing that this pregnancy is so close to being over… it’s really bitter sweet.  But before little Willow arrives I have one more awesome company to tell you about that makes absolutely adorable shirts for your [bump] and beyond.  I received two of these shirts to try out and just love them! [bump] babies started out the day Renae Plant found out she was pregnant.  She struggled in those first months with the feelings of “do I look pregnant or like I lost my gym membership” and so she decided to do something … …..

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Baby Waves 3D 4D Ultrasound–See the baby in you before their born!

During my first pregnancy I learned about 3D 4D ultrasounds and was amazed that I could actually see my baby before she was born so I just had to check it out.  I searched for a facility within a reasonable distance from our home and stumbled upon Baby Waves in Independence, Ohio.  I had a great experience seeing Alleigh before she was born even though she was a stubborn little girl who loved to hide her face behind her hands and feet.  I loved the experience so much that I also went back for Kaelyn and now again to see … …..

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Get a Good Night’s Sleep With the Comfort-U Maternity Pillow Review {and giveaway too}

Throughout Alleigh’s pregnancy I stuffed pillows all around my growing belly and never felt truly comfortable.  Then when I got pregnant with Kaelyn I decided to get an actual maternity body pillow, but it still only helped one side and left my back completely unsupported so I still had to use other pillows.  Now with my third pregnancy I finally learned that to be properly supported during pregnancy I would need a pillow that completely surrounds my body and I found that pillow at Moonlight Slumber! That pillow is the Comfort-U Maternity Pillow and is absolutely amazing because not only … …..

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Belly Bandit Upsie Belly Review–Get relief from all those unwanted pregnancy symptoms!

Belly Bandit is becoming a rather popular name amongst momma’s who want to lose that postpartum belly – even among celebrities!  Belly Bandit is the wrap that helps tighten and shrink your stomach and hips, but they also have some other products that are very helpful during pregnancy which is what led me to their website in the first place. Early in this pregnancy I began getting really bad sciatica pain and just did not understand why this was happening so early in my pregnancy since I did not have that much weight pressing down on my nerves yet.  That … …..

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SweetPea Maternity Review & Giveaway

It is quite obvious that I am very pregnant, hehe.  I can no longer pull of non-maternity clothing and trust me I have tried and all those shirts have left my belly hanging out for the world to see, hehe.  But as most moms to be already know maternity clothing can be expensive!  I really hate to spend a ton of money on items that I will only be wearing a few short months.  Oh and don’t make the mistake of thinking “well I can wear this again during my next pregnancy” because chances are that just isn’t gonna happen.  … …..

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Prenatal Water Fitness

I absolutely love swimming and just floating around in pools plus it’s a great way to exercise especially when pregnant.  Knowing that summer was quickly approaching and that I would need a maternity bathing suit I began searching all over the internet for a reasonably priced suit.  It really amazes me how much maternity clothing costs when we only wear it for a few short months – especially bathing suits and since we live in Ohio I will only be using it for about ten or so weeks before Willow arrives.  Anyhow, I finally found the one I wanted at … …..

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My Birth Wishes for Baby Girl

A while ago I shared Dilly and Sugar’s birth stories which didn’t go as I would have liked, but then I realized that this was because I didn’t have a birth plan.  Make sure you visit those stories so you know why I want this time to be much different.  I basically went along with what the doctors and hospital said because they must be right – ya not so much.  And so this time around I have decided to make a birth plan and thought it would be fun to share it with my readers.  Once Baby Girl arrives … …..

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Trendy Maternity Clothing? Check Out Figleaves.com

I love shopping online and am always super excited to find a new website that features things that are totally my style.  And of course I want to share those finds with my awesome readers which is why I want to tell you about Figleaves – the ultimate online destination for lingerie, underwear, loungewear, clothing, swimwear, nightwear and shapewear – for men and women.  But what I was most excited about was to find that they also carry maternity and nursing clothing!  Around here there is only one store completely dedicated to maternity wear and other department stores sometimes have … …..

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Fly Belly Maternity Review & Giveaway

I am at the point in this pregnancy with Baby Girl that I can’t fit into regular clothes anymore…. my belly is just a tad too big and so I need cute trendy maternity clothes.  These maternity clothes also need to be reasonably priced – after all I will only be wearing them for roughly the next 20 weeks.  This is why I was so excited to find Fly Belly – Fly Maternity wear for Trendy Tummies. First I want to tell you a bit about the woman behind Fly Belly – Liz!  Liz runs the entire show at Fly … …..

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Stress Relief During Pregnancy

I love being pregnant, really I do.  Well maybe not that first trimester that is always super mean to me.  With Dilly and Sugar it was just the typical morning sickness, but with Baby Girl it has been all that plus migraines with vomiting, a kidney infection, multiple sinus infections, and dehydration which all landed me in the emergency room.  Not fun at all.  So ya… at that point I wasn’t really loving pregnancy all that much, but I am now in the second trimester and at a point now where I feel good and am super happy and excited … …..

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