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Imagination Awaits with Go! Go! Smart Wheels® Treasure Mountain Train Adventure™

I never imagined when we first discussed having a big family that it would be a family of four boys.  Of course I now couldn’t imagine life any other way, but oh my, the adventures these boys can dream up and get into!  They seem to love any toy that they can pretend play with, but the more bells, whistles, and gadgets to explore, the better the toy fits them.  We love VTech’s Go! Go! Smart Wheels line, and we recently had the opportunity to try out the new Go! Go! Smart Wheels® Treasure Mountain Train Adventure™, and it certainly … …..

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Unique European Toys from Magicforest this Christmas

I’ve been talking about Christmas and shopping a lot lately… probably because I am just so far behind! So it’s definitely on the forefront of my mind as I really try to come up with those fun, unique, and wonderful gifts.  I try hard to not only get my kids toys that they’ll play with, but ones that will last up to some serious use.  And every once in awhile, when I can find that “it” gift, I get that joy that comes with giving another person something really special.  Luckily, I can always seem to find that “it” gift … …..

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Backyard Play & Indoor Imaginations Come Alive with John Deere Monster Treads Lightning Wheels

I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.   We’ve had our house up for sale, so consistently keeping the boys’ rooms tidy and organized has been a disaster work in progress.  Part of our uncluttering plan was to eliminate a lot of the unsightly toy mess, and focus on only keeping toys in our home that would promote creativity, encourage imagination, and well, don’t have a lot of tiny pieces.  We’ve realized in the last week or so that the boys have actually spent more time playing … …..

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Choo Choo! All Aboard the Power Trains Log Loader Express {Review}

Every year at Christmas my brother-in-law sets up a train set around the Christmas tree. Most are quite simple, ran by a power cord that’s attached, and are just a simple circle or oval track. This year, I drew his name in the Christmas exchange and knew a train would be perfect for him, but I wanted something more than just the average oval shaped electric train set. That’s where the Power Trains Log Loader Express from Jakks Pacific came in. The Log Loader Express is a fully packed bundle for the toy train lover. Instead of en electric track … …..

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John Deere Monster Treads Review & Giveaway

Today we took the girls over to the county fair where they had a blast going on the rides and checking out the animals.  Dustin also picked up tickets to take Alleigh and Kaelyn to the tractor pulls.  Yup, even though I have a house full of little girls they definitely love tractors – especially John Deere tractors like their pappy drives.  And so when a package of new John Deere toys arrived at our house they were thrilled. A big thank you to TOMY for bringing the John Deere experience to infants through preschoolers with their wide selection of … …..

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Dinosaur Train Arctic Adventure Motorized Train Set Review & Giveaway

When Dinosaur Train first aired Dilly was immediately drawn to the show and I was pleased because it was a cartoon that as a parent I could actually tolerate, hehe.  I love that Jim Henson combined two things that almost all preschool age children have a fascination with – trains & dinosaurs.  Not only did he combine these two things but did so in an educational way encouraging basic scientific thinking skills as the kiddos learn about life science, natural history, and paleontology in a fun way.  Not to mention he was able to toss in adoption as well – … …..

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Learning Curve: John Deere Roll and Go Flashlight Review & Giveaway

My little Dilly loves tractors.  Seriously L.O.V.E.S. them.  At our local county fair she asked to go to the tractor pulls instead of going on more carnival rides, but she calls them “The Smokes” hehe.  This was the second year that Dustin took her to the tractor pulls – just the two of them.  It’s their daddy/daughter date for the fair and she loves it!  Since she loves tractors so much I knew she would be super excited to receive the John Deere Roll and Go Flashlight from Learning Curve and I was right.  The first thing that came out … …..

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A Blogtastic Extravaganza – Spotlight Post: ABC Fun Pad

When thinking of the word “childproofing” typically images of ugly cushioned padded materials and locks – lots of locks – come to mind.  I was so happy to find “Child Safety House Calls” because through their website Dr. Joel Clingenpeel and Dr. James Schmidt show how to make your home into a safe “yes” environment for your kiddos without sacrificing fun.  Did you catch the “doctor” part of that sentence?  The experience that Dr. Clingenpeel and Dr. Schmidt have comes not only from being father’s of young families, but also from over ten years combined experience as physicians in a … …..

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