Take the Mouthguard Challenge – Laughter Guaranteed!

We absolutely love family game night and have quite the selection of board and card games, but I am still always on the look out for new games to spice things up.  This is always the time of year I’m looking for a new game geared towards adults because on New Years Eve we have a large family gathering where we play games until the ball drops.  This year I have found the game that is bound to have everyone in fits of laughter – Mouthguard Challenge. I’m sure everyone has seen the viral YouTube videos of people putting cheek … …..

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Fun Weeknights with Blue Orange Games

School is back in full swing again, and a sense of routine is beginning.  My maternity leave has also ended, and I’m getting in the groove of working again, just with another little person at home waiting for me!  With all of the routines comes homework each night, running kids to school, and sports practices.  It also seems to come with a healthy dose of back-to-school grouchiness in the evenings.  We’ve tried a few strategies this year to combat new routine stress like spending evenings outdoors, going for walks, and playing some games.  While we all love games, it’s sometimes … …..

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Laser Tag at Home with Steradian Laser Tag

Our family has always been a fan of competition and team building.  From the time my husband and I first met each other, we’ve always been a bit more than slightly competitive.  From church camp sports teams as kids to paintball as teens and now tabletop board games as a family, we love to compete and challenge each other.  Our boys have definitely followed in our footsteps as they have entered the world of sports, and have taken full advantage of our big yard this summer to try out different games. Recently, we were able to invite other families and … …..

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Learning Through Cooperative Games with Stack Up! {Giveaway}

Since we received our first game last year from Peaceable Kingdom, our whole family has changed the way we play games. We have discovered cooperative games for both our kids and our family, and we’ve really enjoyed the notion of working together as a team. For the boys, we’ve especially loved the concepts of sharing, working together, and encouraging each other that they have learned to embrace through game playing. So I was really excited this year to work with Peaceable Kingdom again on a new cooperative game for the boys- Stack Up! Stack Up is a game geared toward … …..

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Make it a Merry Christmas with Forza Motorsport 5 and M&M’s!

Do you have a gamer on your Christmas shopping list?  If you do chances are they have the new Xbox One and games on their wish list.  My husband has been talking about this new gaming system since the moment it was released and how we need to upgrade.  He currently plays on a Xbox 360 which was his Christmas gift quite a few years ago.  And ok, I’ll admit it…. the Xbox One does look like fun for the whole family.  One game in particular that I’d like to play is Forza Motorsport 5… because who doesn’t love racing?! … …..

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imagine i CAN Tin Games Make Perfect Stocking Stuffers {Review & Giveaway}

When it comes to stocking stuffers I… I mean, Santa, tries to avoid filling them with candy as much as possible.  There are just so many other things that can go in a Christmas stocking besides sugar to hype the kiddos all up.  Some stocking gifts that my girls get really excited about include cute jewelry, hair clips, colorful socks, fun shaped soaps, coloring books, and crayons.  But this year they are going to have some fun new gifts in their stockings that they’ve never seen before – “imagine i CAN” games. Imagine i CAN is the back-to-basics brand from … …..

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Encourage Cooperation Instead of Competition on Family Game Night with Peaceable Kingdom {Review & Giveaway}

We’ve been working lately with our boys about being kind to others at all times, even in those times when you don’t feel like it. We’ve also been looking for activities to help us teach these concepts at an age appropriate level. So we were really excited when we were introduced to a company called Peaceable Kingdom and their line of cooperative games. My husband and I have always been competitive (we STILL have issues from when we were on opposing teams at church camp 10 years ago… he may have won, but he was a cheater!), but we are … …..

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2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Funnybone Toys–Card Games Meet Art with Spectrix, Array, & CUBU Review & Giveaway

I love to play card games.  Growing up my mom and I would play rummy all the time – not only did I like playing the game, but I loved the time it gave me to spend with my mom just talking and enjoying each other’s company.  Since I love playing cards so much I am always ready to try out a new game and so I was very excited to learn about three new card games from Funnybone Toys. So obviously I’m not the only one who likes to play games – almost everyone enjoys one game or another, … …..

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2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Willy’s Wiggly Web Cooperative Game by Peaceable Kingdom

Alleigh and Kaelyn have both reached ages where they love to play board games.  Well, I guess I should say they like to win board games because if they lose… let’s just say you don’t want them to lose.  And so I tend to avoid playing board games with them and opt for other activities instead.  But thanks to Peaceable Kingdom we can enjoy playing games again!  And that’s because these aren’t your traditional games.  Instead they are cooperative games – never heard of a cooperative game?  No worries – I hadn’t either until I discovered Peaceable Kingdom. What is … …..

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Skylanders Giants Video Game at Best Buy

Today Dustin and I went to Best Buy alone – yup, alone!  My parents hung out with all three girls at our house.  Since we were going straight there and back I knew Willow would be alright since she had just nursed.  I needed to pick up a wireless mouse for my laptop since the left click on my smart pad is barely working anymore, but while we were there Dustin had to check out the video games.  Usually I’m not too interested in that sort of thing, but there was a really cool game that used actual figures of … …..

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