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Holiday Tree Festival to Support Akron Children’s Hospital through 11.25.12 {Akron, Ohio}

Dustin and I have been blessed with three healthy daughters.  Alleigh had a minor mouth surgery, Kaelyn had tubes in her ears, Willow recently had RSV, and other than minor colds we haven’t had any major illnesses hit our household that weren’t easily treatable.  However, I know that many parents are faced with obstacles regarding their children’s health that no one should ever have to deal with and that is why I am so thankful for Akron Children’s Hospital. Akron Children’s brings high quality care to infants, children, teens, burn victims of all ages and adults with congenital, genetic and … …..

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Our Visit to the Akron Zoo {Akron, Ohio}

I love doing things that the entire family can enjoy together and visiting the zoo is definitely one of those things.  Both Alleigh and Kaelyn love animals – in fact for Halloween this year they are being their favorite animal (pictures soon) – so if I mention visiting the zoo they are all about it.  And even though Dustin isn’t the kind of guy to show his emotions on his sleeve I can tell he enjoys visiting the zoo by how he lingers at certain animals and points things out to the girls.  Now Willow… she’s happy wherever we go … …..

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