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Our Boys Have Been #HaloFromTheStart Babies!

Ever since my husband and I were expecting our first baby, safe sleep is something that we have heard a lot about.  I was fortunate enough to have friends with younger babies who talked a lot about safe sleep, and an amazing birthing educator who also gave us some incredible tips for keeping my sweet little baby safe while sleeping.  One thing that we heard over and over is that babies sleep better when swaddled, and that HALO SleepSacks were an absolute must for us to have.  So, we made sure to include a few SleepSack Swaddles on our baby … …..

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Ezra is Sleeping Safely & Stylishly in HALO’s Muslin SleepSack {Review & Giveaway}

We’ve been big fans of HALO SleepSacks and have used them through many different stages since Aiden was a baby. From newborn Swaddlers to Early Walkers, SleepSacks have been a constant nighttime companion and safe sleep item for the boys. Since summer is coming and it’s finally starting to warm up, I was really excited to hear about HALO’s newest SleepSack and Swaddle- 100% cotton muslin fabric. HALO SleepSack wearable blankets promote safe sleeping by replacing any loose blankets in the crib that can cover baby’s face and interfere with normal breathing. Baby can stay nice and comfy (and swaddled … …..

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November 17th is World Prematurity Day – Get Educated About Preemies & RSV Prevention!

 I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for MedImmune. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating. Three letters that make me cringe – RSV.  Do those letters impact you?  It’s not surprising if they don’t because 1/3 of mother’s have never heard of the virus these letters represent – Respiratory Syncytial Virus.  I was part of that third until my family was impacted when Willow was diagnosed with RSV last year which is why I want to share as much about RSV with you as I can. RSV is a common … …..

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HALO giggleBABY SleepSacks Now Available at JCPenney {Review & Giveaway}

“HALO Innovations became the standard for hospital nurseries and parents alike. In fact, 1,000 hospital nurseries use the HALO SleepSack Swaddle instead of blankets through the HALO Safer Way to Sleep Initiative. That is 1.5 million births getting first-hand, in-hospital experience with the HALO SleepSack Swaddle and safe sleep practices! Modeling safe sleep practices for parents in the hospital is the key to safer sleep practices at home.  HALO Innovations also offers free Safe Sleep Practices kits to childbirth educators to help further the cause of SIDS prevention.” Last month was SIDS Awareness Month, and I wrote a post about … …..

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Graco Highback TurboBooster Review & Giveaway

Like any other mom, I care a lot about my kids’ safety. One way that I can easily ensure safety to the best of my ability is in selecting and properly installing the best car seats for my kids. As a former Emergency Room nurse, I’ve seen the effects of correctly installed and used car seats. Unfortunately, I’ve also seen the effects of incorrectly used cars eats. Because of this, car seat safety is near and dear to my heart. Also like any other mom, my baby is growing up fast… too fast. In fact, he’s ready to say goodbye … …..

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Pumpkin Masters Kits – The Safe Way to Carve!

One of my favorite things about Halloween is pumpkins.  I love taking the kiddos out to the pumpkin patch and letting them each choose the perfect pumpkin.  After wandering around the pumpkin patch this year we ended up with three massive pumpkins that were just begging to be carved. I remember growing up watching my parents carve jack-o-lantern faces into our pumpkins with huge kitchen knives so when I started carving pumpkins for my little ones five years ago I reached for the knives too.  But I must admit that those big knives just aren’t the easiest to work with … …..

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The Britax Boulevard 70-G3 has Safety You Can See {Review & Giveaway}

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Britax. The opinions and text are 100% mine. No one hops into their car thinking “today is the day I’m going to get in a car accident” but the fact of the matter is crashes happen every single day. That is why it is so important that we make sure our smallest passengers are as safe as they can possibly be by making sure they are properly buckled into a car seat with top of the line safety features. Unfortunately not all car seats are created equal when it … …..

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Get a head start on head lice this back-to-school season – Visit ExpertAdviceOnLice.com

The below content is sponsored by Sanofi Pasteur’s Headfirst! Expert Advice on Lice campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating. It’s almost that time again! The back to school season is just around the corner, and with that comes preparing for a new teacher, a new classroom and a new year. One thing that parents may not prepare for is … head lice! The truth of the matter is, head lice are common and can happen to any child. An estimated 6 to 12 million infestations occur each year … …..

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Safe Sleep with HALO Innovations SleepSacks {Plus a Giveaway Too!}

As a nurse that works with newborns, new mothers, and new families, one of my favorite parts of my job is teaching. My top 3 favorite teaching topics are: breastfeeding, skin-to-skin/bonding, and safe sleep. All 3 of those things are important in my own life, so I know that they’re going to be important to other new moms too. The third topic, safe sleep, is not only important to just me, however, but to my hospital as well. All infants in our hospital wear a HALO SleepSack Swaddle in effort to keep infants safe and to model a safe, blanket-free … …..

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Uncovering a Button Sized Danger in Your Home: Coin Lithium Batteries #BatteryControlled

Have you ever given or received one of those adorable singing greeting cards?  I know my girls get a kick out of them and love opening and closing them over and over again. But what many parents don’t know is that there is something within that card that can pose a serious danger to their child.  That could even kill their child.  A button battery.  And that danger doesn’t stop with musical greeting cards.  There are many items in your home that may contain a button battery including mini remote controls, bathroom scales, flameless candles, calculators, watches, children’s story books … …..

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