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Help Inspire Girls with the Dove Movement for Self-Esteem!

Were you ever picked on because of your appearance?  Did it negatively impact your self-esteem?  I remember when I was in middle and high school being teased because of how thin I was – so many times I was called anorexic or bulimic because I very skinny – when in actuality I was very healthy, ate all the time, and must have just had a high metabolism.  But the point is those words hurt me and things like this are just getting worse as time goes on.  Now with three little girls of my own I want to make sure … …..

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Diono RadianRXT Review & Giveaway: From 5 to 120 Pounds the Safest Car Seat Around!

Keeping my kiddos safe is very important to me and so choosing a car seat that would keep my girls as safe as possible was a huge priority for me.  I also needed to find a car seat that I would be able to fit three across in our Ford Escape because I didn’t want to get a bigger vehicle.  Diono was my answer.  Diono car seats exceed federal crash standards and consistently achieve the highest ratings in the industry.  Plus their car seats are side impact tested and NCAP tested.  I was very excited to receive a Diono RadianRXT … …..

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Facing the Facts of Extended Rear Facing

It seems parents are sometimes too anxious to turn their kiddos around to forward facing in their car seats.  With a requirement of 12 months of age AND 20 pounds in the United States to many parents it feels like just another mile stone that must be reached, but this is definitely not a mile stone that needs to be rushed and there are many reasons for this.  Both Alleigh and Kaelyn didn’t even weigh 20 pounds on the first birthday, so they were not turned forward facing until they had will surpassed the 20 pound mark, but I still … …..

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Go Mama Go Designs Wonder Bumpers Review

Safety is a huge priority for me no matter where my girls are or what they are doing.  All parents know that in that first year of life many hours of a child’s life are spent sleeping – perhaps sometimes we wish they would sleep even more, hehe.  But what many parent’s don’t realize is that traditional crib bumpers which can be found in nearly every crib bedding set on the market are NOT safe.  In fact they can be down right deadly.  And so I urge you to look into the safe alternative – Wonder Bumpers. Wonder Bumpers are … …..

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HALO Safe Sleep Crib Set Review

The other day I visited a couple local stores looking for a crib skirt for Baby Girl’s nursery and I was sadly disappointed to find that the only options for crib skirts were packaged in crib bedding sets that included traditional crib bumpers.  By now almost all parents realize the risks (strangulation, suffocation, etc) of traditional padded crib bumpers and that they should never be placed in their precious babies crib yet companies continue to sell them.  I saw no point in purchasing a crib bedding set that included something that I was not going to use and that posed … …..

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Go Mama Go Designs HUGE Spring Sale

If there is one thing that I am absolutely adamant about when it comes to newborns and small babies it is sleep safety.  This means absolutely NO traditional crib bumpers.  But there is a stylish safe alternative – Go Mama Go Designs Wonder Bumpers – which will be featured here at Happenings of the Harper Household within the next few weeks.  However, in the mean time I wanted to share an awesome spring sale that Go Mama Go Designs is having this week with products up to 50% off – told ya it was awesome! New Site, New Prints, Special … …..

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Join Me In Raising Preemie & RSV Awareness

When a mommy to be sees those beautiful two pink lines show up on a home pregnancy test she might think about what the gender of the baby will be or what they might look like.  Will the baby have my eyes or maybe it’s daddy’s ears?  Most likely the furthest thought in their mind is the chance of giving birth to a preemie (a baby born before 37 weeks gestation).  I know this didn’t even cross my mind and luckily I was blessed with Dilly being born at 38.5 weeks and Sugar at 38 weeks, but this is not … …..

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SIDS Awareness with aden+anais

SIDS.  This word scares me to death and it is terrible how many people have either come face to face with this horrible occurrence or even just know of an infant that has passed unexpectedly.  But did you know… According to the CDC, SIDS is the leading cause of death in infants aged 1-12 months and infant suffocation is now the leading cause of accidental injury death in infants with the rate quadrupling between 1994 and 2004. Many deaths that were once called SIDS, because of better investigations, are now being labeled as suffocation. Based on CDC data, there are … …..

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Bungalow Transformation: BreathableBaby Bumpers Review & Giveaway

Sleep safety is a huge concern for me – after all when babies are little they sleep more than they are awake, so shouldn’t their crib be the safest place possible for them?  I literally cringe when I walk past all the crib bedding sets that are sold in stores or see a picture of a baby’s nursery with traditional crib bumpers.  For the most part I think it is lack of knowledge that is contributing to parents continuing to purchase traditional crib bumpers.  What these parents don’t realize is that traditional crib bumpers pose serious safety risks to their … …..

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Bungalow Transformation: Gro-egg Review & Giveaway

The girls new bedroom only has one register that connects to the furnace/central air and so it can be hard to gauge what the actual temperature is up there.  We do have a window air conditioning unit and in the colder months a portable heater, but I thought it would be ideal to have a way to know the temperature of their room at a glance and that is exactly what the Gro-egg does. Simply plug the power cord into an outlet and you’re good to go!  The Gro-egg glows four different colors which lets you know at a glance … …..

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