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Merry Fluffy Christmas Event with AppleCheeks Giveaway

Welcome to the greatly anticipated 5th annual Merry Fluffy Christmas Giveaway Event!! There are over 20 blogs that are giving away cloth diapering prize packages $50 and more! Make sure you enter here and then hop to all the others!! There are hundreds in fluffy prizes to be won! So are you curious what you can enter to win here at Happenings of the Harper Household?  Well if you follow along on Instagram or on Facebook then I am sure you already know there is only one brand of cloth diapers that appear on my little one’s behinds.  When we … …..

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Feel the Difference of Bamboo with Wonderful Bambino Diapers {Review & Giveaway}

After over 3 years of cloth diapering, I’ve decided I’m done…. Done with the nasty ammonia smell I just can’t get rid of no matter how hard I try. Done with build up. Done with ammonia rashes. Done with the insane static. Done with using disposables because nighttime causes leaks. Just done with microfiber! (You thought I meant diapering in general, didn’t you? Nah, I don’t give up that easy!) So, we’re currently in the process of switching over to natural fibers, mainly cotton and bamboo. I’m especially in love with bamboo right now- it’s soft, super absorbent, and generally … …..

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Why I Love AppleCheeks Cloth Diapers! Plus a Giveaway.

About three and a half years ago I ventured into the world of cloth diapering when Kaelyn Mae was just a wee one.  There were so many different options available and so many different brands that I wanted to try.  And I did.  My diaper stash had just about every brand available in it, but there was one that just stood out to me.  That I grabbed first every time diaper laundry was done.  And that is when I realized that it was time.  It was time to destash all of those other diapers and build one epic diaper stash … …..

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Introducing the Bummis Simply Lite One Size Wrap {Review & Giveaway}

Have you seen the joke about the cloth diaper mommas? It goes something like this: Q. How do you know a mom uses cloth diapers? A: She’ll tell you. I laughed the first time I read it, but then my husband looked at me and said, “Yep, that’s you.” Well I say if the shoe fits, I’m going to wear it. And my new shoe? The brand new Bummis Simply Lite! I was so excited for the chance to review this new diaper cover from the well-known brand Bummis. In our home, we have used other Bummis covers with prefolds, … …..

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Imagine Every Baby in Cloth Diapers {Plus a Giveaway}

I have been cloth diapering Corbin since he was about a month old. During these last 3 years of cloth diapering we have used a wide range of styles and brands but one that I had never heard of was the Imagine baby products company. So naturally when I was offered the opportunity to review a diaper from Imagine I jumped at the chance. First let me tell you a little about the Imagine baby products company. Imagine baby products is owned by Nicki, who is also the owner of Nicki’s Diapers and the creator of Best Bottom Diapers. Nicki … …..

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We’re Summer Ready with the Bummis Sun Line {Review & Giveaway}

On days like today in Ohio it’s hard to believe that summer will ever get here… it’s the end of April and we had snow flurries!  But I know that in a little over a month it will be pool weather and we’ll be spending tons of time outside.  My big girls love the pool as much as their momma and the last time we visited an indoor pool Willow seemed to love it as well.  Being outdoors means making sun safety a priority which is why I was so excited to see that the maker of one of my … …..

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AppleCheeks Cloth Diaper Review & Giveaway

I’ve been cloth diapering since Kaelyn was about 4 months old which means I’ve been at it for almost three years now.  I have tried out a huge list of diapers in different styles, but one brand that remains at the top of my favorites list is AppleCheeks and for many reasons, as you will see.  If you’ve been hanging out with me for a while you might recall our review of the AppleCheeks Washable Swim Diaper and AppleCheeks Size 2 Little Bundle which I absolutely loved on my short chunky Kaelyn Mae when she was a wee one.  This … …..

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2012 Holiday Gift Guide: The Little Bee Co. Newborn Cloth Diaper Review & Giveaway

One of the things I was most excited about when Willow was born was to cloth diaper a newborn since I didn’t start cloth diapering Kaelyn until she was four months old.  I loved stocking up on a bunch of tiny little diapers while we waited for her to join our family.  And I’m sure you’re wondering why the Holiday Gift Guide banner is up there when I’m talking cloth diapers…. well, maybe you’re not…. because if you are a fluff addict then you know that any reason to buy a new diaper is a good one, hehe.  Let’s face … …..

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Get Funky with Willow! Funky Fluff Review

A few days ago I announced the Funky Fluff Fall Festival Giveaway that I am participating in with nine other cloth diapering blogging mommas.  Through out the duration of this awesome giveaway each day one of the bloggers presents their review of the Funky Fluff diaper.  And so if you are looking for the most in depth review possible on a cloth diaper you are definitely going to find it in this giveaway event with such an amazing group of seasoned cloth diapering experts.  Plus this allows you to see how the diaper fits on a wide range of kiddos … …..

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Funky Fluff Fall Festival Giveaway: $120+ Fluffy Prize Package

Welcome to the Funky Fluff Fall Festival hosted by Eco Baby Mama Drama and Mama on a Green Mission! If you love fluff, are curious about fluff or know someone who fits that description, you are in the right place!! The Funky Fluff Fall Festival is a two week event all about Funky Fluff & Stuff Inc! So I bet you’re  wondering what you can win? Grand Prize Package 6 Funky Fluff diapers (bamboo, stay dry, or combination) 1 Funky Fluff doubly pocket wet bag That’s a value of $120+!! Enter to win this wonderful package below and during the … …..

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