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A Blogtastic Extravaganza: Mom 4 Life Spotlight

I have noticed that the best products for babies/toddlers/young children tend to be made my moms – who better to invent them, right?  Well what if there was a website that specialized in mom invented products?  Guess what – there is!  I’d like to tell you about a really neat website – Mom 4 Life.  Heather Ledeboer is the owner and creator of this awesome website.  I thought it would be nice to let her introduce herself to all my awesome readers….   So what exactly makes Mom 4 Life different than all the other baby/toddler product websites?  I absolutely … …..

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Rockin’ Green Soap Review & Giveaway {CLOSED}

I have mentioned a few times about how super sensitive my girls skin is in some previous blog posts.  It seems like the slightest thing will give them a rash or dry their skin out.  For this reason we have always used Dreft or Tide Free & Clear for all of our laundry needs.  I realized that when we made the switch to cloth diapers that I would need to use something different – I didn’t want to be stripping my diapers all the time.  And that is when I found Rockin’ Green Soap.  I am proud to say that … …..

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