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Educational Toys? Check Out VTech from Birth to Nine Years! {Plus a Giveaway!}

The VTech product, information, and giveaway have been provided by VTech. With Christmas right around the corner many of us are headed to the toy store in search of gifts for all the kiddos on our shopping lists.  I have four of my own to shop for ranging in age from newborn to six years old and a few nieces and nephews as well.  This task can be rather daunting with so many products to choose from especially since it is important to make sure the toy is not only age appropriate, but also meets the needs of the individual … …..

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Brilliant Sky Toys & Books Announces 2014 Brilliance Award Winners {Giveaway}

Last year I wrote about a wonderful company that’s all about some amazing toys, and I’m excited to share them with you again. In case you missed it last time, let me introduce you to my kind of toy store, Brilliant Sky Toys & Books! Brilliant Sky Toys & Books is a toy store unlike any of the other big-box toy stores you make have been to before. They focus on providing the shopper with an experience full of enrichment, enlightenment, and enjoyment, all while maintaining the closeness and expertise of a small, locally owned shop. They fill their shelves … …..

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Experience Reading in a New, Interactive Way with Kazaz! App

Story time has always been an integral part of daily routines with our boys, and now even more so since Aiden gets to bring home a new set of books each week from his preschool. But I’ve noticed more and more that Aiden has become interested in picking out books and looking at them on his own, trying to find letters and sounds that he recognizes. When I learned that American Story Channel was going to be coming out with a brand new app called Kazaz! that allows children to not only read, but also to interact and experience original … …..

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Join the Mega Bloks Fast Tracks Racing Team {Review & Giveaway}

From the 1 year old to the 28 year old, the males in my home get pretty excited about doing two activities- building things and tearing stuff apart! Even Ezra, who just turned one, LOVES to destroy all kinds of things like towers, stacked blocks, and anything else his brothers might have created. But, he’s also starting to learn how fun it can be to make things just like his older brothers do, especially those things that can later be torn apart. For this reason, Mega Bloks First Builders have always been a staple in our house (for real, we … …..

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Learning Through Cooperative Games with Stack Up! {Giveaway}

Since we received our first game last year from Peaceable Kingdom, our whole family has changed the way we play games. We have discovered cooperative games for both our kids and our family, and we’ve really enjoyed the notion of working together as a team. For the boys, we’ve especially loved the concepts of sharing, working together, and encouraging each other that they have learned to embrace through game playing. So I was really excited this year to work with Peaceable Kingdom again on a new cooperative game for the boys- Stack Up! Stack Up is a game geared toward … …..

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Imagine, Create, & Learn with Tiggly Shapes and Apps for iPad

We’re big Apple product fans in our house, and our boys definitely have a love for the iPad just as I do (I’m convinced that the iPad has some magical dust sprinkled on it that my kids crave!). Although they love watching movies and cartoons on the iPad, they also really like some of the games we have downloaded for them. On the other hand, I really like for them to have balance with electronic toys and get hands on time with cars, blocks, and other physical toys. So when I came across a new game for the iPad that … …..

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Gear Up For Some Fun with Learning Resources – Gears! Gears! Gears! Beginners Building Set Review & Giveway

Corey and I are big believers in getting the kids away from the television and video games and getting them up and using their imagination. When we were offered the opportunity to review the Gears! Gears! Gears! Beginners Building Set from Learning Resources we jumped at the offer. We couldn’t pass it up for a couple of reasons. One reason is it is from Learning Resources, which has quickly become a favorite company here at the Hilton house and two; it makes our boys think and use their imagination while playing with it. First let me tell you a little … …..

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Make it a “Green” Christmas with Gifts from Plan Toys!

So far I have gone green in a few areas of life. We use cloth diapers and training pants on our kids, I have switched many of our cleaners and I have gone green for the monthly visitor. One thing that I haven’t been able to go green in is the toys that my kids play with. That is until now; let me introduce you to Plan Toys. For more than 30 years Plan Toys have been consistently developing products and activities with the strongest commitment that a company could ever make to contribute positively to the world.  They are … …..

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Bring the Museum Experience Home with Fun & Educational Gifts from Museum Tour {Giveaway}

My five year old absolutely loves learning.  She definitely has a hunger for knowledge and is doing extremely well in school.  One thing she enjoys doing is visiting museums and we are very lucky to live about five minutes away from a wonderful museum with tons of kid friendly exhibits.  We’ve also visited quite a few other museums, but have to travel quite a distance to get to them which doesn’t allow for spur of the moment visits.  Of course Alleigh also enjoys visiting the gift shop when we are leaving a museum and that is one of the few … …..

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imagine i CAN Tin Games Make Perfect Stocking Stuffers {Review & Giveaway}

When it comes to stocking stuffers I… I mean, Santa, tries to avoid filling them with candy as much as possible.  There are just so many other things that can go in a Christmas stocking besides sugar to hype the kiddos all up.  Some stocking gifts that my girls get really excited about include cute jewelry, hair clips, colorful socks, fun shaped soaps, coloring books, and crayons.  But this year they are going to have some fun new gifts in their stockings that they’ve never seen before – “imagine i CAN” games. Imagine i CAN is the back-to-basics brand from … …..

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