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Ozobot- the Programmable Robot that Fits in the Palm of Your Hand {Review & Giveaway}

Digital toys are definitely super popular right now, and I’ll admit I’ve totally had my fair share. I remember my first digital pet game back in 4th grade (tamagotchi, anyone?), the first time someone bought me an mp3 player, and of course, my beloved iPhone. Just in time for Christmas this year, there’s a brand new digital technology toy on the market that’s perfect for that techie in your life- the multi-surface smart bot called Ozobot! Ozobot is a small robot you can hold in the palm of your hand that follows lines and visual commands to perform a variety … …..

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Keep Your Charger Cords Nautically Neat & Tidy With CableKeeps

The chargers in our house definitely take some abuse on a daily basis. They go with us into the car, to work, get thrown into bags, moved around the house, and sometimes even end up as a jump rope for the boys. CableKeeps by Nice, Inc are created to help with just that by keeping your cords organized in an incredibly cute way- fish!!! Nice is a company with a mission to bring premium products to market that delight, inspire, and are built on a foundation of empowering local community, reducing environmental impact, and sharing success. They have created CableKeeps … …..

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