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Happy & Hungry Fun with Eric Carle Booster Seat

Books have always been a big part of my life since I was a little girl, and now as a mom, I really want to continue my love of books with my boys. I especially love children’s classics, and the boys’ bookshelves are full of them. One of their favorite authors has always been Eric Carle, with his simple and interactive sensory books (Aiden would repeat The Very Busy Spider when he could just barely talk!). So when I was able to try out Creative Baby’s Eric Carle Happy & Hungry Booster Seat based on The Very Hungry Caterpillar, I … …..

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Avoid Messes with the Bummis Best-Ever Bib Sleeved and Breast Pad Travel Pack {Review and Giveaway}

Sometimes I laugh at my evolution of parenting, and I’m sure lots of other moms feel this way too. With Aiden, I tried pretty hard to do things by the book. I fed him every 3-4 hours on a schedule, solids started at 4 months with jarred baby food, if a toy fell on the ground it was immediately sanitized, and tummy time was a daily cry it out battle. When Reese came along, he got fed a little more on demand, solids started a bit later with homemade baby food, the toy got a good brush down, and tummy … …..

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Homemade Baby Food Made Simple by Munchkin {Review & Giveaway}

Munchkin has a simple mission statement – “To rid the world of tired and mundane products by developing clever, innovative solutions that excite and delight families – making parenting safer, easier and more fun.” Munchkin was founded in 1991 on the premise that it could anticipate and serve parents’ needs by developing uncomplicated baby products that make parenting and life easier and more enjoyable. Over the years, they have developed technology such as the white hot technology where the spoon turns white when the food is hot that has changed feeding babies by making it safer. Munchkin has teamed up … …..

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The Best-Ever Bib from Bummis Review & Giveaway

When it came time to introduce Willow to solids we decided to take the baby led weaning approach.  If you’re not familiar with baby led weaning it is where instead of starting with cereals or purees you simply give your child whole pieces of food and allow them to feed themselves.  The thought process behind this is that the child will learn how to chew their food before they learn how to swallow it.  This also means that when learning how to chew their food it gets spit out a lot and there are lots of messes.  Willow needed a … …..

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2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Tommee Tippee Bibs & Chewthers Review & Giveaway

One of the things that I’m… umm, Santa… struggling with this year is what to fill Willow’s stocking with. On Alleigh and Kaelyn’s first Christmas they were old enough to eat Puffs and yogurt melts so those were a perfect stocking stuffers, but on Willow’s first Christmas she will still be exclusively breastfeeding.  So what do I put in there?  I finally got a brilliant idea when browsing around the Tommee Tippee website. Bibs & Chewthers!!   Whether you bottle feed or breastfeed I am sure you have dealt with milk dribbles.  All of my girls have found it fun … …..

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The First Years Sponsor Spotlight: Deluxe Reclining Feeding Seat

For the past week and a half I know you guys have been having a blast entering all of the “Just For Baby Giveaway Hop” prize packages…… and during that time I have been battling a nasty sinus infection on top of being very very pregnant.  In fact I realized today this is the longest I have ever been pregnant and well I am just ready to hold this lil girl. And that is how I came to realize that I didn’t tell you all the awesome features of the prize you have a chance of winning here, so let’s … …..

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The First Years: Magical Color Changing Sippy Cups Review & Giveaway

Sippy cups are part of my everyday life.  And I can tell you many things that drive me crazy about the vast majority of them.  I hate cups that have a million pieces not only because I will inevitably lose them, but also because when my kids decide to launch their cups across the room the valve WILL pop out and then the leaking starts.  Not to mention that the leaking usually happens regardless if the valve pops out or not.  Sippy cups and me?  Ya, we are not best friends.  Well that is until I found the Magical Color … …..

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Re-Play Tableware Review & Giveaway

My girls are destructive…. I can only imagine what it would be like if I had boys!  Even when it comes to to things like cups and utensils they are destructive.  The utensils with the rubber grips? Ha – those get chewed off.  And the majority of cups I purchase get thrown with such force they end up cracking.  Talk about frustrating.  And so I needed tableware that could withstand the hurricane strength force that an almost two and four year old can produce.  If it was eco-friendly and pleasing to the eye that would seal the deal which is … …..

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Gift Guide: Contigo AUTOSEAL Kids Trekker Cup Review & Giveaway

From now til Christmas you will find all sorts of awesome reviews and giveaways for products that would make perfect Christmas gifts here and at Children Teaching Mama!  I will also periodically be posting ideas for handmade Christmas ornaments and other fun activities as well.  Want to see whats to come over the next month?  Just click on 2011 Holiday Gift Guide in the bar along the top of the blog.  And now it’s time to get to the first review…. this product would make a perfect stocking stuffer for a child or tween in your life. Product:  Contigo AUTOSEAL … …..

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Go Green Giveaway Event: HappyBaby Spotlight

Yesterday I introduced Dandelion and some of their organic toys.  Today it’s time to talk about organic snacks for your toddler!  And so the next sponsor for the “Go Green Giveaway Event: Green Baby/Toddler Prize Pack” is HappyBaby – Premium organic meals for your family! I’d like to start by giving you a little background information on HappyBaby: A few short years ago, HAPPYBABY was the first premium baby brand to enter the market in 5 small stores in New York City—at a time when there were no homestyle options for parents to feed their children. Processed foods or homemade … …..

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