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Fresh Baby Review & Giveaway

I was a big fan of Fresh Baby‘s So Easy Baby Food Kit when I was making Sugar’s baby food – I made Dilly’s too but at that time I was just using ice cube trays.  In fact I even wrote an awesome review for Fresh Baby about their Baby Food Kit and so when I found out they had launched some new products I was very excited to try them out with the girls.  My nephew, Geronimo (love his blog nick name), got in on the fun too!  We received four items to try out, so I am going … …..

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BooginHead SplatMat Review & Giveaway

Do you live with a little BooginHead?  If you have a toddler I bet you do!  A BooginHead is a term that Sarah Crevin’s, CEO & Chief BooginHead, family came up with to describe someone that is doing something that they shouldn’t, but regardless they do it anyway and it makes you laugh.  A perfect example of this is Sugar tossing pieces of food onto the floor during meal time.  She drops it and then looks over at us, smiles, and gives us that cute giggle.  We say no and she does it again – what a little BooginHead!  Sarah … …..

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Princess & My Pea Boutique Review & Giveaway

I love supporting WAHM’s so when I received an e-mail from Angela McNaul, owner and designer of Princess and My Pea Boutique asking if I would like to review one of her products all it took was a quick glimpse at her etsy shop and I was all about it.  Angela is a mommy of two fantastic children – her princess and pea.  She first learned to sew when she was 10 years old and has loved it ever since.  Fabric is her biggest addiction – she loves to buy it and sometimes hates to cut into it.  I’m not … …..

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A Blogtastic Extravaganza – Spotlight Post: No Throw

I think I’ve mentioned once or twice that I feel an important part of safety is staying healthy which means avoiding germs when possible.  I also want to say that I’m not a germ-a-phobe by any means.  I don’t live with a bottle of hand sanitizer strapped to my waist and I don’t freak out if I catch Dilly picking her nose, but if I can avoid a germ here or there I will.  I found an awesome invention that prevents babies/toddlers from throwing their bottles/cups/toys on the floor and therefore avoiding germs!  Oh and also avoiding mom and dad … …..

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A Blogtastic Extravaganza – Spotlight Post: Gripsterz & Bandette

Just reading about Robyn Pellei makes me tired.  I’m serious!  She is a mom of 9…. that wasn’t a typo…. a mom of 9 adorable kids that range from 3 months to 9 years – and she home schools!  How does a mom of 9 have time to sleep or breathe?  And yet Robyn does it all including developing her own company – ViveVita.  The products that Robyn created arose from the necessity of needing simple solutions for things like keeping track of cups and toothbrushes amongst 9 children as well as keeping her little ones secure and safe while … …..

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Boon Inc Review & Giveaway

I’m sure you have heard of the company Boon, but do you know what a boon is?  I know I didn’t until I looked at the meaning behind the company name.  A boon is defined as a benefit bestowed, especially one bestowed in response to a request.  If you browse through all the products available from Boon you will see they all offer a boon to parents by helping to make their everyday life a bit easier while also incorporating great design at affordable prices.  And great prices always make this mama happy! Have you ever looked at the tub … …..

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Follow the Star – Itzy Ritzy Review & Giveaway

In the Harper Household we have been slowly turning more “green” by changing little things we do.  We are changing our light bulbs to CFL’s and have switched to cloth diapers.  Dilly loves to have her snacks, or “naaas” as she calls them, in plastic baggies.  In fact she will tell you “I NEED a bag!”  I figured there had to be a green way to let her still keep her “naaa bag” and I found the answer at Itzy Ritzy. Itzy Ritzy was created to deliver exceptional and hip baby, toddler, and adult products designed with beauty, style, sophistication, … …..

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Follow the Star – Tommee Tippee Review & Giveaway

Follow the Star – Day 4 How many times have you bought a cup that claimed to be spill proof and after about a dozen or so uses wanted to scream at that cup “You LIE!!!!”  Ok, maybe I’m the only one who yells at her toddlers drink cups, but you probably want to too, hehe.  I don’t know how many cups I have tossed in the trash because though they claimed to be spill proof they definitely were not.  Well guess what!  I have finally found a cup that doesn’t spill/leak/drip.  The liquid stays right in the cup where … …..

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Fresh Baby So Easy Toddler Food Cookbook Review & Giveaway

Toddlers are strange little creatures, hehe! I know because I have one!  It’s important to teach them healthy eating habits from a young age and introduce different kinds of foods as well.  After all you don’t want to end up with a kiddo that will only eat chicken nuggets or mac n cheese.  The Fresh Baby So Easy Toddler Food book can help with these areas. The beginning of the book is full of helpful tips for getting your toddler to eat healthy, try new things, avoid food battles, and much more.  It is then divided into recipe sections including … …..

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Fresh Baby So Easy Baby Food Kit Review & Giveaway

The thought of making homemade baby food can be intimidating to some mommas (and dads) and so they turn to the jarred baby food that lines the grocery store shelves.  I have heard many reasons from other parents about why they don’t make their own baby food….I can’t cook……It takes too long…..I don’t have the necessary kitchen gadgets.  The “Fresh Baby So Easy Baby Food Kit” takes all of these excuses and tosses them right out the window.  This kit is the perfect way to ease a hesitant momma into making baby food right in her own kitchen.  Each kit … …..

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