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Two words that definitely describe me are crafty and creative.  I love thinking up new ideas and seeing my thoughts become a reality.  My hubby on the other hand tends to roll his eyes when the wheels in my brain start turning because he knows I will be asking him to assist when it comes to using saws, drills, and other tools.  But recently I had the opportunity to try out the new BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX* Lithium 2-Speed Drill and decided this project was going to be completed entirely on my own.  I envisioned an American Flag comprised of wood … …..

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Pfister Delivers Filtered Water From the Kitchen Faucet

I feel like my home and vehicle are water bottle wastelands.  I find them on night stands, in diaper bags, on kitchen counter tops, rolling under the seat of my car.  And more often than not they are still half full.  This drives me crazy for so many reasons.  Buying a huge case of water every time I go to the grocery store is such a waste of money.  Not to mention our house is rather small and so this case of water tends to just sit on the kitchen floor taking up valuable space.  Plus there are these facts … …..

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Simple Updates for a Modern Bathroom Designed to Sell

We have discovered that our family is quickly outgrowing our little starter home that once seemed so big for us. But throughout this process, we’ve learned that selling a home can be a pretty big task, especially since we’re hoping to get a good value out of it to go toward the purchase of our next home. We’ve been preparing our house to sell next summer, one little step at a time to help curtail that seller anxiety. And now that the major updates have been all done- like new carpet, a new roof, and fresh paint in all of … …..

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$2,500 Armstrong Residential Ceilings’ “Style Is Looking Up” Giveaway

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Armstrong Residential Ceilings. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating. Look up.  What do you see?  A boring plain white ceiling?  Maybe even a dreaded popcorn ceiling?  Many times when it comes to home renovations the ceiling may be one of the last things to cross your mind, but sprucing up that space can change the entire feel of a room. Check out Armstrong Residential Ceilings to see just what I mean.  They offer a wide selection of affordable, decorative ceiling styles that … …..

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Plans For Our Front Yard…

When we first bought our home almost five years ago we literally changed everything on the inside…. from gutting the bathroom, ripping all the cabinets out of the kitchen, painting every room, refinishing the wood floors… well ya get the point.  On the outside we replaced all the windows, the roof, and had some trees removed.  The picture below will give ya a rough idea of what our house looks like now…. however, the tree stumps have been removed. The outside looks alright, but I have some major plans for it.  We want to remove those big ugly bushes, take … …..

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