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Because Babies Are Messy – The InGenuity Washable Playard

As a working mom, my kids spend time with other childcare providers beside my husband and myself. Lucky for me, my family has always been there to help us raise our kids and provide that care when we can’t. Since I also work nights, my kids usually spend at least one night per week with mamaw and papaw. Since we’ve had at least one kiddo in a crib almost constantly for the last 4 years, portable cribs come in very handy. So I was super excited to get the new InGenuity Washable Playard Deluxe! So I’ll admit that I’m no … …..

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The Joovy Moon Room is Out of this World!

Alleigh and Kaelyn love playing outside which means mama and Willow are also outside all the time.  Since Willow is now a super active 12 month old it’s pretty hard to keep her happy just sitting in a stroller and she doesn’t want to be held all the time either.  This little munchkin wants down so she can crawl around and play like the big kids.  The problem is if I just sit her down in the grass to play she will inevitably end up eating it or trying to crawl away.  Neither of which is much fun for mama.  … …..

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Sheet World Added Some Pizazz to Willow’s BABYBJÖRN Travel Crib

One of my favorite pieces of baby gear is my BABYBJÖRN Travel Crib Light 2.  It is by far the easiest pack n play I have ever used with all three of my children.  From travel to set up to ease of use the BABYBJÖRN Travel Crib Light 2 is a breeze.  It has accompanied our family on short over night trips, on a week long vacation, and soon I plan to take it to bowling league with me every week to give Willow a safe place to play.  Since we use it so much I wanted to make sure … …..

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BabyBjörn Travel Crib Light 2 Review & Giveaway

Recently we have gone on a few over night trips.  Now anyone with a baby knows that even when you are just going away for one evening it seems that you have to pack everything in the entire house just short of the kitchen sink.  Many times hotels provide travel size cribs which would mean one less thing to pack, but I’m just not comfortable utilizing that service and prefer to bring something from home for my little one.  For the longest time I would lug our 30+ pound pack n play with us.  Yes, I know they are made … …..

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Joovy Orangie Room Playard Review

When it comes to baby gear an awesome playard is an absolute necessity.  If you plan to do any traveling at all – even just over night trips to a family members house – a playard will be a life saver.  Plus you can use them in the newborn/infant stage through the toddler years.  I have gone through quite a few playards with Alleigh and Kaelyn, but none of them had everything I was looking for until I found the Joovy Room.  If you’re looking for a top of the line playard that is made to last then the Joovy … …..

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InGenuity Sleep Easy Playard Review & Giveaway

It’s hard to believe that in roughly seventeen weeks Baby Girl will be joining our family. With the date creeping closer and closer I have been getting our house ready for a newborn which means gathering up all the necessary baby gear.  One piece of baby gear that gets tons of use from the newborn stage through toddler years is a playard (pack n play) and InGenuity has some great options. We received the InGenuity Sleep Easy Playard in Sumner Fashion.  There are a few features about this playard that make it truly unique from other options currently available and … …..

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